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We're a husband and wife team who formed Love + Water Photography on Maui in 2014. Since then we've created a series of sessions from the land, sea + sky, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous colors of Maui sunrises and sunsets.

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Carefree family sessions at sunrise and sunset

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Diverse sunrise portraits that using beach, water and drone photography

Beautiful Wailea portraits and proposals from the land, sea + sky.

Beautiful maternity portraits from the land, sea + sky

Underwater Experience

Land + Sea vs. Land, Sea + Sky and the Underwater Experience

We specialize in water photography on Maui, whether that means photographing couples, new and growing families on the beach and in the water during their Land + Sea Session, or taking our clients out on a luxury yacht tour and ending the day with a sunset Land + Sea Session. Both Land + Sea Sessions, Land, Sea + Sky Sessions and the Underwater Experience have water components, but we wanted to point out the difference between our collections and the water work involved with them.

Land + Sea Sessions
Beach + Water Portraits // Sunrise or Sunset


Perfect for: Land lovers who want to splash or swim but aren’t confident in deep ocean, and desire a variety of unique imagery at sunrise or sunset.
Investment: Land + Sea Collections begin at $750 + tax for a mini session for up to 4 guests (subject to change)

Land + Sea Sessions are sunrise or sunset beach portraits which can include a water element. Most of our clients go for a splash but there’s no need to get in the water – we can do the entire session on the beach if you wish!



Land, Sea + Sky Sessions
Beach, Water + Drone Portraits // Sunrise


Perfect for: Land lovers who want to splash or swim but aren’t confident in deep ocean, and desire beach, water + drone portraits.
Investment: Land, Sea + Sky Collections begin at $1200 + tax (subject to change)

The difference between Land + Sea Sessions and Land, Sea + Sky Sessions is the element of drone photography. Drone photography can only be done when conditions are just right, which is most likely to happen in the early morning. For this reason, the Land, Sea + Sky Collections always start at sunrise whereas Land + Sea Sessions can take place at sunrise or sunset (sunset tends to be more windy on Maui.) Sometimes the water clarity near shore is good enough to achieve underwater portraits – but their appearance is much different to the deep ocean portraits we offer in the Underwater Experience, so the main reason for your booking this session shouldn’t be underwater imagery but rather drone, shoreline water + beach portraits.

Underwater Experience
Private Yacht – Deep Ocean Portraits – Land + Sea Session


Perfect for: Experienced ocean swimmers only (seriously!)
Investment: $3,800 + tax (subject to change)

The Underwater Adventure is just that – a day devoted to the two of you experiencing some of the most gorgeous spots on Maui from the water either aboard our favorite commercial snorkel tour or a private, luxury yacht, depending on the package you choose.  Here is an example of the underwater imagery you can expect to gather during the Underwater Experience.

As you can see, the clarity is much better out in the ocean – often in several hundred feet of water. We can separate ourselves further from you and capture more of the surrounding environment. The Underwater Experience is only for confident ocean swimmers, it’s very deep water and you need to be comfortable swimming in these conditions. No exceptions! This is a big investment so if you aren’t comfortable in this element, you won’t be able to dive, pose and achieve the underwater imagery we show. The investment you make also includes a Land + Sea Session that afternoon at the beach, or the following morning.

Hope this helps clarify a bit the difference between our Land + Sea Collection, Land, Sea + Sky Collection and the Underwater Experience! As always, feel free to e-mail us your questions and we’ll help select the best portrait collection for you during your stay on Maui!

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