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Hi, We're shawn and Adam!

Shawn and Adam head the Love + Water Photography team on Maui. We're South Maui small business owners and parents-of-two-plus-a furbaby!

Meet Adam

A lifelong waterman, Adam photographs maternity and couples sessions and will take care of you from start to finish photographing your Wailea beach portraits. Adam created the ocean art imagery you see in our online shop, and continues to pursue new personal projects to keep fresh and inspired!

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I will be your first point of communication when planning and booking your shoot. I shoot couples and maternity sessions also put the finishing touches on your family, maternity and proposal portraits in Maui, South Maui, the Big Island, Kauai and Oahu! Unsure who you're talking to on Instagram? If the message is accompanied by multiple emojis, exclamation points and enthusiastic typing... it's me! Follow us on Instagram @loveandwater.

Meet Shawn



Our business serves best with a team approach

Adam and I spent the first several years of our business as a two-person operation. We once photographed every portrait together! As our family grew, our commitments changed, and it soon became clear that (much to the dismay of my inner control freak) we couldn't do it all on our own.

No amount of coffee in this world could make it possible to maintain our level of service and serve a growing number of clients, none of which we want to turn away. For this reason,we grew our professional photography team in an organic way, hiring photographers we trust with our business, whose work we love, putting our finishing touches on the magic they create.

So now, instead of doing it all, Adam and I shoot, and also pair new and return clients alike with our tight-knit team of associates who specialize in the shoot style they desire. We've always followed our hearts with Love + Water. Growing a team, for us, was a natural next step - thank you for taking it with us!


Our business serves best with a

team approach

We often wonder how a night at an Aussie pub 14 years ago turned in to a family of 4 living in Hawaii.

how it all began...

Adam and I met at $2 Tuesday at The Wharf Tavern in Mooloolaba, Australia, lovingly known as "Fridays"

I was studying abroad at University of the Sunshine Coast in 2005, and met Adam, an Aussie born and raised in Mooloolaba, during my last three weeks in Australia. After meeting, he took me on surf adventures and we had fun in the sun, then left it at MAYBE when I boarded the plane back to Charleston to finish my degree.

Who would have known...

After returning from study abroad, I finished an internship at Teen People in NYC, sure I'd take a job there post-graduation. The magazine folded, though, so not knowing what to do, I booked a ticket back to Australia to hang out with Adam. On New Years Day 2007, I found myself once again on Aussie soil.

Adam met me at the airport in oz. What followed were several years working several jobs, with several dreams.

We moved in together from day one, not even an official couple, but figured we'd see how things went. Adam owned accommodation for travelers at the time, conducting surf tours and shooting in the ocean. I did anything I could to survive, from picking strawberries to pouring lattes. Not long after purchasing a home together, we decided we needed to chase one more adventure before settling down. We sold everything but our 4WD, and embarked on a 3 month journey across Australia with our golden retriever in tow.

We then applied for a green card for Adam, knowing we wanted to try to live in the US but unsure where.

When Adam's green card was approved, we had three months to pick up and move. We had plans to return to Charleston where I'd gone to school but just weeks before departing Australia saw a photo of a girl in a pink bikini swimming underwater on Oahu. It caught Adam's eye. The rest is history.

We'd never been to Maui before we moved.

It was a quiz on the internet that led us here, and in 2014 we landed in Kahului with four suitcases, our golden retriever Marley, and no $*%&ing clue what we were doing. Within months, we found our stride as photographers, and that year embarked on our full-time, dream career as full time photographers on Maui.

My first surf lesson with Adam

We are thankful every day for the turns in life that have brought us where we are.

the ocean

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about love and water

Adam is all about

Sunrise spent shooting or shelling in the ocean or surfing

Shawn loves

Growing new things in the garden and
creative writing

It's important to enjoy the little things and never forget to acknowlege the good and bad alike. Life is imperfect and is best left that way.

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Whether taking your family's annual Maui vacation, a kama'aina client or first-time babymooner, we'd love to capture your love from the land + sea. We offer the following portrait services on Maui and the Big Island: