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A breath of wind, the strand of hair plucked from your lip as you lean in to kiss your groom. The sound of coral dragging back into the ocean as a wave recedes. It's all part of your Maui photography experience, and we're here to capture the moments that matter.

A Maui photography experience

Whether it's the still waters of sunrise and the sun dancing on your shoulder after our session wraps or the vibrant yet soft skies of a Maui sunset, your images will reflect the mood and feeling of sunrise or sunset, two of the most beautiful times of day. During these times we are able to capture the authentic beauty of the islands, and showcase your connection in the company of mother nature.

Inspired by Hawaii's
natural beauty

Maui sunrise + sunset portraitS

Hi! We're Shawn
+ Adam

In 2014 we moved to Maui from Queensland, Australia sight unseen. You know the story - two suitcases, no clue, just a bit sense of adventure and the hope to photograph in some of the world's most beautiful waters.

We soon found ourselves as full-time photographers, and nearly 6 years after we stepped foot on Maui we're raising 2 young children, enjoying a simple (albeit hectic - see aforementioned reference to young children) island life.

We value Life's little things

When we're not photographing and editing sessions, you'll find us chasing after our kids at the beach or consuming caffeine in large yet entirely acceptable quantities.

When we began Love + Water Photography years ago, it was after traveling across Australia in a van. Gross mattress, surfboards, no direction, just the hope to one day have the time and flexibility to enjoy the company of one another as much as possible. For us, Love + Water is that dream realized. We've learned much about business since those days. but one thing remained constant: We truly value nothing more in this life than being able to do what we love, as it gives us time with those we love. Nothing - NOTHING - holds more importance.

Your L+W Photo team

If you know us, you know that

Shawn + Adam

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We hope to sea you on Maui soon!

Angela Nelson Photo

Sunshine Coast, qld

May 21, 2011

one + four!


July 2014

01. Where we met

02. our wedding day

05. kids ages


the mill house


07. favorite date night spot

06. favorite hobby

08. favorite ice cream

04. favorite drink

03. Year we moved to Maui

A little about us


May 21, 2011

july 2014

01. Where we met

02. our wedding day


04. favorite drink

03. we moved to Maui in

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one + four


The Mill House

05. Kids ages

06. favorite hobby


08. favorite ice cream

07. if we have date night


A few quick facts



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