INTIMATE Wailea maternity and couples portraits

Goosebumps on the belly of an ocean-drenched mother-to-be.
Black-and-white portraiture with feeling. Contrast. Blur.
Couples'  and solo portraits playing with the romance of light and connection.

Intimate Portraits by Love + Water

Soulful, artistic beach portraits evoking the memory of your connection

Whether to your partner or to the baby inside your growing belly, Land + Sea Intimate portraits are less about the surrouding environment and more about the connection shared between subjects. It's about capturing feeling and movement, details that bring you back to the moment itself.


Land + Sea Intimate sessions are photographed by Adam exclusively in Wailea. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Wailea portraits

What to expect

Connection-led direction: gentle posing and guidance

Land + Sea Initimate sessions will be photographed with plenty of direction from your photographer. These sessions, however, rely heavily on your connection and ability to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Grain, blur, connection emphasized over perfection

You'll come away from your session with images that reflect our artistic style. This means dark edits, black and white, grain, intentional blur and different angles as we play with light. Land + Sea Initimate sessions focus less on perfect poses and more on finding our own flow with the afternoon we're given.

What to expect

Classy, romantic imagery - dressed up or dressed down

Land + Sea Initimate sessions focus less on finding the perfect wardrobe and more on wearing what makes you feel most comfortable. Bikinis, gown, lingerie. The most important part is the connection between subjects.

What to expect


You desire empowering, artistic beach portraiture

You enjoy unique angles and creative use of light and blur

You are comfortable in your own skin - with posing tips, of course

Your intention is to print your imagery as keepsakes

Whether a maternity session with mother and her child-to-be or a couples portrait to celebrate ten years of marriage, Land + Sea Initimate sessions are for those that want to capture love with an artistic edge surrounded by the beautiful natural environment.

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Land + Sea Intimate sessions are Wailea portraits for individuals, couples and babymoons at the beach by Love + Water on Maui. They emphasize the art of connection and play with light.

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