Hi! We're Shawn + Adam

We're husband and wife who formed our Love + Water Photography team on Maui in 2014. Since then we've created a series of weddings and sessions from the land + sea, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous colors of Maui sunrises and sunsets.



Wailea proposal photography at sunrise and sunset


Wailea portraits at sunrise using beach, water and drone photography

Our team create epic, colorful portraits on Oahu.

Beautiful maternity portraits from the land + sea

Let our team of photographers capture your connection on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Love + Learn || 1-on-1 Online Mentoring with Love + Water Photography

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Online Photography Mentoring

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1-on-1 Online Photography Mentoring

Love + Learn with Love + Water

The mentoring + encouragement we received from fellow photographers was a huge reason we were motivated to quit our day (and night) jobs to pursue photography full time. We’d love to help you gather that same motivation and the tools to take your business to the next level so you can thoroughly enjoy what you do and strive to achieve new milestones in your creative endeavors.

Unlike a workshop with several photographers in attendance, the time we share is yours and yours alone. Whether you’re a budding photographer or just need some motivation, our 1-on-1 online mentoring for photographers is a great opportunity to learn, share + connect! We’re here to help – what do you want to talk about?

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We’re an open book and the hour (or two) is yours to discuss what you feel you want to know more about. We will share what we’ve learned along the way during our continuing journey as photographers, and can delve in to the business side of things from packaging + pricing help (something we struggled with a lot during the early days of our business) to going full time and maintaining a work/life balance as full time photographers.


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Brand building is important for any business – we can touch on where you are in your branding process and how to take it to the next level to build business and client confidence.


Learn how to identify and pursue your target client base.


Have questions about building packages and pricing for profit? How to add value and ensure you are pricing yourself accordingly in your field.

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Candid only gets you so far – eventually clients are going to want to know what to do. Posing + direction is crucial – we can share a few key points to elevate your imagery.


How to harness social media to reach your target audience.


We encourage you to form your own style and can provide some tips on how to achieve it through editing techniques. Please note we do not include instructional videos or walkthroughs due to the fact that mentoring sessions are chat and e-mail based.

… and more! What we chat about is up to you!


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We offer two simple online photography mentoring packages. Both are offered via Instagram direct messaging, and our two hour package includes the option for e-mail communication and the ability to cover a bit more ground. When you fill out the booking form below, we’ll send through a confirmation of time and date as well as a questionnaire to get to know you, your business and the goals you want to achieve.

As an added bonus, once you sign up for mentorship with Love + Water, you will receive discounts on follow-up mentoring sessions, workshops and more!


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1 hour via Instagram Direct Message.

Available at 8am, 9am + 3pm HST.

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2 hours via Instagram – OR – e-mail

Available at 9am + 3pm HST.


Mentoring is not available to photographers currently based or planning to be based in Hawaii or to photographers who regularly shoot in Hawaii.

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