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Gender Reveal Ideas for an Environmentally Friendly Photoshoot

Finding out your baby’s gender is super exciting, so keeping your gender reveal environmentally friendly is a must when visiting Hawaii!

The photoshoots are equal parts exciting and creative, so we’re providing a few ideas to keep Mother Nature happy, too. Keeping the environment in mind when planning your gender reveal shoot means less time cleaning up afterward and more time taking fun photos!

Sustainable tourism means enjoying your stay while minimizing the impact it has on the natural environment.

Babymoons in Hawaii are a thing of dreams, and it’s easy to see why. From stunning pastel sunrises to wildlife, palm trees and fiery sunsets by the sea, maternity portraits fit effortlessly in to any expecting parents’ Hawaii travel itinerary.

Gender reveal ideas range from powder canons to balloon releases. While these ideas may seem good in the short term, their effects are far-reaching and may do their part to negatively impact the environment.

Here are some ideas to consider as alternatives to powder canons, smoke bombs and balloons to keep your photoshoot memorable and safe for all.

Reveal baby’s gender with swimwear

When it comes to beach portraits, the natural choice for many of our clients is swimwear.

With so many options for custom swimwear, it’s possible to choose the perfect cut to flatter your figure. Start your photoshoot in a gown or other clothing of choice and wear your swimsuit underneath!

gender reveal ideas that are environmentally friendly for your hawaii maternity photoshoot

How to pull off a gender reveal in swimear:

  • Order a black or neutral bikini or one piece in the same cut so you know the size will be perfect.
  • Once you have the gender, provide the envelope or information to the company you’re buying the piece from. Working with a small business will ensure you have a direct line of communication!
  • When they send you the bikini, unbox it at the shoot and then wear it for the remainder of the session!
beautiful woman with pink bikini and floral crown poses for gender reveal portraits in hawaii
woman wears a pink bikini for her gender reveal photoshoot in maui

This may seem like a big effort to coordinate, but we can’t think of a better way to inject some beach vibes into your gender reveal photoshoot, without impacting the environment in a negative way!

pregnant woman laughs down at her belly while wearing a pink bikini at sunset for her love and water photography session

Another way to reveal the gender of your baby during your photoshoot is to choose a pink or blue maternity gown to wear. As with the previous method, unbox it at the session and wear it for the photoshoot itself. This is a great method if you’d like to keep it a surprise until the day of your shoot. If the element of surprise is more for your friends and family when you share your images, wear it to the session as your first outfit!

woman in blue casia kulenty gown lays in rock pool during maui maternity portrait session
sunrise portrait of pregnant woman wearing a blue gown with husband on the beach in hawaii
wide photo of pregnant woman in pink maternity gown at sunrise in hawaii by love andwater
woman in pink gown laughs and kisses husband during their maui maternity gender reveal portraits by love and water
woman wearing pink fluffy maternity gown during sunset love and water photoshoot in maui
beautiful brunette woman wears blue maternity gown for her portraits in hawaii by love and water

Gender reveal with a lei or floral arrangement

Flower crowns remain a popular option for couples wanting to embellish their maternity portraits with gorgeous custom floral arrangements.

As with swimwear, you can arrange lei po’o in advance by coordinating with your florist. Keep the piece to open at the start of your shoot. Flower crowns can be made in a variety of colors and styles. Choosing one to coordinate with your child’s gender is the perfect, environmentally-savvy way to celebrate your pregnancy.

pregnant woman wearing floral crown lei po'o kneels on the sand next to the shoreline and looks down at her belly

We recommend reaching out to a florist many weeks in advance to plan your floral crown for your babymoon portraits. Many book out early, so get started as soon as your shoot is booked to ensure you have everything in order to prepare the surprise.

gorgeous pink floral crown and gown worn by babymoon portrait subject in hawaii
blond woman with short hair and pink flower crown holds belly in orange swimsuit at sunset
pastel pink floral crown inspiration for babymoon photography

Lei p’o alternatives

  • Ask a florist provide a single blue or pink flower for you to unwrap at your shoot
  • Tuck a pink plumeria behind your ear
  • Toss a handful of pink or blue flower petals (stay well above the high tide line when doing so, and clean up afterward)
  • Wear an open-ended lei with touches of pink or blue florals
gender reveal idea with open-ended lei on pregnant woman for their love and water photography maternity session on maui

Exchange a note for your gender reveal

This often overlooked idea for revealing your baby’s gender comes from the heart. Many couples receive their baby’s gender in an envelope.

Start your photoshoot by reading a letter to one another, wedding vows style. In the letter, mention all the things you’re looking forward to about welcoming your baby, and why this milestone is so exciting for your family. Once you’ve read your letters aloud to one another, open the envelope together and take in the moment. This method is perfect for those who prefer a quiet, more intimate celebration that can still be well captured on camera.

Writing letters to one another benefits not only the environment, but yourselves and your baby-to-be as well. Imagine gifting your child the letters when they leave for college, or reading them aloud on their first birthday. In fact, writing yearly letters to each other and your child is a tradition that can be carried throughout the years as they grow.

For a more simple and straightforward reveal, simply open the letter that contains whether you’re having a boy or girl, and show it off for the camera!

Eco-conscious maternity portraits on Maui

Whether announcing your pregnancy with swimwear, a gorgeous floral arrangement or letter to your loved one, memorialize the occasion with a beach photoshoot!

We have a team of talented photographers serving Wailea and Lahaina on Maui as well as Oahu and the Big Island. With all sessions edited in house, the images you receive will only grow in value over time.

Let’s arrange your perfect babymoon and gender reveal portraits in Hawaii!

stunning sunset maternity portrait of woman in blue gown knee deep in the ocean looking at pregnant belly

We are committed to offering photography services in Hawaii that respect the environment. We pick up trash before or after each session to leave it better than we found it, and encourage our clients to do the same.

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