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Oufit Ideas for Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures

Need oufit ideas for Hawaii beach maternity pictures? Look no further and let us bump you in the right direction!

We are Wailea, Maui maternity photographers experienced in capturing babymoon portraits at the beach. Having photographed hundreds of maternity sessions on Maui at both sunrise and sunset, we have a great idea of how to plan your outfit depending on the results you desire from your maternity shoot! 

Purple maternity gown as outfit ideas for Hawaii beach maternity pictures.

Whether your photoshoot takes place under the subdued pastel tones of sunrise or beneath a vibrant South Maui sunset, your surrounding environment and its beauty is completely taken care of! It’s now up to you to pick a maternity outfit that makes you feel equal parts practical and beautiful.

Outfit inspiration for your Maui beach babymoon portraits

A photoshoot on Maui will require slightly different outfit planning than it would elsewhere. With certain elements to keep in mind such as the tradewinds and swell conditions, here are a few things to consider.

Oufit Ideas for Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures: What hue is for you?

When dedicing on oufit ideas for your maternity pictures, it’s important to start with the color tone.

Sunrises and sunsets in Wailea are stunning, but each has its unique traits that are important to consider. For instance, sunrise sessions always result in softer pink and purple hues, whereas sunset can create muted bluer tones on a cloudy afternoon or pops of red and orange on a particularly vibrant afternoon.

You’ll want to choose the right combination of colors that suits your skin tone as well as the time of day.

White maternity gown worn by expecting mother looking down at belly at sunset
pregnant woman in floral crown and salmon bikini poses with belly at sunset in Maui

Here are some colors that work well for sunrise beach maternity photos:

  • White
  • Light blue
  • Rosy pink
  • Salmon

It might surprise you to know that jewel tones and even black work well at sunrise, too. The light is so even, that during this time of day brighter, bolder colors are unlikely to reflect on the skin as they do at sunset, giving you even more options for your outfit palette.

At sunset, every color works! Make sure to stray from neon hues such as yellows and bright oranges because, as mentioned above, these may cast an eerie glow on the skin.

Oufit Ideas for Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures: Patterns can work!

We often recommend staying away from loud patterns on everyone. On mom-to-be, though, they can look fantastic! If your maternity session takes place as part of a family portrait, we recommend having mom and kid(s) in a patterned piece, with dad wearing a neutral color or one that complements the patterned outfit well.

textured white maternity gown
pregnant woman in bright orange patterened maternity gown

Patterns can be super fun to incorporate when done right – but stay away from plaid and stripes which don’t translate well on camera.

Oufit Ideas for Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures: Change it up!

Because there’s time for outfit changes in all our Maui maternity photography packages, we encourage you to try a few different looks during your session.

The possibilities are endless, and we recommend keeping it at 1 outfit change for a 30 minute session, 1-2 for a 45 minute session and 2-3 for a 1-hour session.

Here are a few outfit combinations to try for your maternity session at the beach

  •  Start off in a rental gown with a light-colored bikini underneath, then take off the gown halfway through and finish off in swimear!
  • Try a one-piece swimsuit with a cute coverup on top
  • Keep it in swimwear the whole time – try a couple of different pieces that you feel awesome in!

The most important thing to remember with outfit changes is that it’s best to keep the changes simple so you can maximize time spent in front of the camera. Building two looks into one, such as a coverup over a bikini, is an easy way to make the most of your time.

gorgeous pink fluffy maternity gown worn at the beach at sunset
Blond pregnant woman with hair half covering her eyes smiling at camera with hand on hip

You’ll want to keep these tips in mind when selecting an outift for your beach maternity session:

  • Fluttery necklines. We love this look but during sunset sessions, especially, the neckline can fly up a bit in some shots due to afternoon tradewinds. If you have a sunset session it’s best to keep necklines simple.
  • Bra lines. If wearing a sleeveless gown, to avoid strap marks we recommend forgoing a bra in the hours leading to your shoot and opting for silicone nipple covers instead.
  • Don’t get sunburned. The amount of times “just a little bit of color” has turned wrong is impossible to count – make sure you’re applying ample amounts of sunscreen in the days leading up to your shoot, especially on your shoulders, to avoid sunburn lines. Don’t forget your feet, too! Guys, this goes for you too – apple watches and sunglass tans are big editing points around here.
  • Underwear lines. We recommend spanx under your gown to avoid lines under your garments.
wide photo of woman at a Wailea beach holding her pregnant belly

Oufit Ideas for Maternity Pictures at the Beach in Hawaii: Don’t make these mistakes!

Planning your babymoon portrait outfit doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few small points to avoid.

  • Choosing an outfit that doesn’t make you feel comfortable and confident
  • Choosing an outfit with little give. As your body grows and changes in pregnancy, you’ll want to choose something that will accommodate your budding belly!
  • Focusing too much on the outfit itself. Remember to relax and enjoy these special portraits so the memory attached to them is positive and beautiful.
  • Not bringing a change of clothing. Always bring a backup outfit! Spills happen, or you might just change your mind about what to wear before hitting the sand.

Advice for babymooners on Maui

Should I wear shoes to my photoshoot?

Yes! We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, but we’ll remove them before taking photos.

Where can I shop for maternity clothing?

  • Mahina boutiques on Maui for casual, comfortable styles. While not exclusively geared toward maternity clients, their pieces are pracitical and cute!
  • Pink Blush is a go-to for many of our maternity clients! We love their gorgeous, diverse styles for expecting moms.
  • FillyBoo have boho-chic gowns that are as unique as they are beautiful, and compliment our beach photoshoot style perfectly.
  • Of course, you can always rent a gown from us for your shoot!

When should I have my maternity portraits taken?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is what the best time is to take maternity portraits on Maui. It all comes down to when you’re travelling and feel most comfortable. We’ve photographed clients anywhere from 14 to 34 weeks!

Should my outfit choice differ based on a sunrise or sunset session time?

We can help!

Because we photograph Maui babymoons at sunrise and sunset. Honestly, the time of day doesn’t matter as much as the level of comfort you have in your chosen outfit. Here are some ideas, however, to get you started!

Sunrise and sunset options for beach maternity portraits in Hawaii

Sunrise beach maternity photos on Maui:

Oufit Ideas for Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures
Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures outfit ideas

Sunset beach maternity photos on Maui:

sunset maternity photos in the ocean in Hawaii
Oufit Ideas for Hawaii Beach Maternity Pictures

Maternity Portraits at the Beach in Wailea

Seeking a photographer for your beach babymoon portraits in Wailea? We’ve got you! From planning your babymoon activities to taking part in a fun, carefree photoshoot, we’ll be there to document one of your life’s most important milestones.

Check out our Love + Water maternity portfolio and follow Love + Water on Instagram, and be sure to contact us once you’ve booked your babymoon in Hawaii! While you’re at it, download our FREE Maui Babymoon Guide, and let’s dive in together!

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