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What to expect from your Hawaii photoshoot with Love and Water

Wondering what you expect from your Hawaii beach portrait session with Love + Water Photography? From booking to shoot to what happens after your session, we’re diving in to some of our client’s most frequently asked questions. We strive to give customers the best possible experience and thoroughly believe saying “maybe” or (gasp!) “no” is just as if not more useful than always saying yes. We’re here for you!

Whether you’re researching photographers in Hawaii, booked your session or are a photographer looking to increase client awareness, here are some things you need to know about our processes to make sure everyone is on the same page so expectations can be set, met and exceeded!

As always, if any of these points spark a question, reach out. We’re happy to help!

Who are Shawn and Adam?

Shawn and Adam Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography

Shawn is me, and I’m a she! I started off as our primary photographer in 2014, but since growing our family now focus entirely on bookings, editing and social media. Adam is our lead photographer, who has been photographing sessions for over 6 years. Lots of people call him Shawn, I know it’s confusing because most e-mails will come from me, the ridiculous reels we make usually feature my face, but it’s Adam or one of our talented associates you’ll be working with the day of your shoot.

What to expect from your Hawaii photoshoot with Love + Water

When should I book my Maui photoshoot?

Travel dates set? Book your tickets, flights, transportation and accommodation first, then contact us ASAP so we can book your shoot! We book out anywhere from 1-3 months in advance, but because we work with a team of professional associates we can often accommodate even last-minute bookings. Go ahead an get in touch! We’ll check availability and get the ball rolling to arrange your Maui beach photography session.

If you want your images for holiday cards, early October is the absolute latest you should be booking to have images available for ordering. Our editing turnaround time is four weeks, unless you opt for expedited editing.

What is the booking process like?

  1. Inquire with us and we’ll check our availability based on your preferred session date and time. If we have one of the dates free during your stay, we will send through a proposal. From this proposal you’ll be able to view and select your package.
  2. After package selection comes the contract. This page is perhaps the most important part of your booking process – read everything thoroughly, as it outlines absolutely everything you’ll need to know. Read. The. Contract. Ask questions, always! 
  3. After signing, pay your $400 non-refundable retainer to secure your session date. We’ll send through a confirmation within 24 business hours (M-F, 9am – 2pm HST).

What is a non-refundable retainer?

A $400 non-refundable retainer is due to schedule your session. It is (gasp!) non-refundable and deducted from your package balance. Once we take that amount, we set aside your session date and time and turn down other work. If your shoot is with an associate, we pay them a portion of the retainer to set aside the date on their calendar. Of course, we are also human beings, so if you need to cancel or reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances, you’ll find our policy clearly outlined in your contract.

What’s in our photography contract?

Our contract lays out absolutely everything we can think of related to your session, put in place to protect both our clients and our business, so read it carefully. Most questions will be answered by reading the session agreement, which is readily available to access before booking and after booking in your client portal. If you have more questions, we’re an open book, so ask before signing if you need clarification.

Can we arrange a phone call?

I’ll be honest, we haven’t had a phone conversation with clients in almost 7 years, lol! If you want to know why, well, this is an informative blog post, so here goes!

  1. Time zone differences. Our office hours are 9am – 2pm HST. This is the time we are working, whether loading the morning’s sunrise session, editing, previewing or e-mailing. We have two young kids, so anything before 9 is a whirlwind of getting out the door for drop offs and anything after 2 means after-school activities and obligations before we shoot another session that evening. We prioritize our family with our business so need to ensure it works for our schedule which is at times hectic.
  2. We are super responsive and answer questions within 24 business hours. This might mean 24 business hours + 12 business minutes… it might at times be 48 hours because life happens. We promise, though, your message is important to us and will be answered as soon as possible.

Not offering calls makes things more streamlined for our business and family, and in turn for our clients! Keeping all communication to e-mail keeps our work/life balance in check. Thank you, thank you for understanding!

What are your office hours?

Our in-office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 2pm HST. We set up an auto-responder on weekends and holidays, and will dive in to emails on Monday or the next business day. You can expect a reply within 24 business hours (maybe 48, see above). If you have a shoot over the weekend and need to touch base, we’ll keep in touch, so no worries!

When should I book my shoot?

We highly recommend booking your session during the first half of your trip so we have a better chance of rescheduling in the case of rain or unforseen circumstances.

What is your COVID cancellation policy?

You can reschedule within 3 months of your originally booked date if your trip is interrupted due to COVID-19 or if you test positive while in Hawaii. We have clear COVID rescheduling and cancellation policies laid out in your contract. We will not refund your $400 retainer if you can’t reschedule within 3 months, so if you’re concerned about booking a session, please wait until you’re on island to do so – we can sometimes accommodate last-minute bookings!

Packages and pricing

What is your pricing?

You can check out our Hawaii photography packages here.

Do you offer discounts?

Return and kama’aina clients always have and always will receive 10% off any package!

Do you offer mini sessions?

We offer both a 30 minute and 45 minute session for those who prefer a shorter shoot duration.

Do you offer influencer rates/brand collaborations?

We take a limited number of collaborations yearly. Emphasis is placed on those who are match for our audience and book shoots based on influencer/brand aesthetic, authentic reach and engagement. Think we’re a fit? Apply here!

What Hawaii photography package is right for me?

We recommend a Land + Seashells or Land + Sea Mini Session for most couples, maternity sessions and small families. A one hour session is perfect for couples, maternity and family clients who have an outfit change or two or want more images to choose from. We also offer a Land + Sea Extended collection for extended family portraits.

Extended portraits with multiple families

We love large group/extended family sessions! There are a few very important things to keep in mind with large group sessions. Because multiple family units are involved, you can expect less time dedicated to individual families than you may have with a portrait with your family alone. For this reason, extended family sessions mostly result in posed group imagery with some separate images of the different families. If multiple poses/image requests/candid images are desired for each family unit, we highly recommend purchasing a separate session for your small group instead of expecting to receive a large variety of images of your family alone during an extended family session.

Our phtoographers are amazing but it takes a lot of time to connect with such a large group and gather all the poses each member wants, especially if multiple kids are involved. Please keep expectations realistic with how many portraits each family will receive. Again, if portraits of your family alone are of high importance, purchase a session for yourselves – we offer 10% off for return clients and can apply this to any package of your family flying solo 🙂

What is the permit fee I see on my invoice?

We must pull permits for each beach photography session and have added a $20 fee to each package to cover the cost of doing so. When you book your shoot, you’ll find the WikiPermit fee automatically added to your invoice.

Associate Photographers

This year, our business picked up and we found ourselves stretched thin. Adam was photographing two shoots a day and that combined with mounting work and family responsibilities had us realizing we needed help before burnout set in! So, we got it, in the form of in-office assistants and associate photographers. As you can see, they are KILLING it!

Love and Water Photograph associate team
We think our associates produce amazing results – don’t you agree?!

Can I request a particular photographer?

We pair your with a photographer based on your session style and availability. The majority of our sessions are photographed by our team who are seasoned professionals trained in our shooting style. You can expect the same caliber of work whether your session is photographed by Adam or one of our professional associates.

Are associate photographers cheaper?

Our associates are professionals who are trained, talented and insured. Paid fairly for their hard and beautiful work, we charge the same as we do for Adam or myself to shoot. We also edit all sessions in-house to keep the consistency in our work, so the end result will be the same!

Do you photograph family sessions?

Yes! Family sessions large and small are photographed by our associate photographers who specialize in this genre of photography.

I’m a return client – can I shoot with the same photographer?

If you’re a return client who prefers to shoot with the same photographer you shot with last time, feel free to request them, and we’ll see what we can do.

Sunrise or sunset?

Choosing the best time for your Hawaii portraits is important! Sunrise and sunset both have distinct advantages. We urge you to first consider what works best for you and your guests rather than just the visual outcome of the images, although we know this is a big factor too.


Cloud cover isn’t a make or break! We don’t reschedule for cloudy conditions, which can produce anything from tranquil, muted tones to vibrant sunsets. Remember, the most important thing is the connection you share with your family and loved ones during your session.


Maui is the windiest of the Hawaiian Islands. Trade winds will pick up in the afternoon, and we are used to working with it, but don’t reschedule sessions for wind. If wind is a concern, we highly recomend a sunrise session.

Sunrise Sessions

We always think the light is loveliest and softest at sunrise, which consistently produces the most pastel palette. We recommend sunrise for those who are camera-shy as there are less people around. It’s an early rise, but if you book early in your trip coming from the mainland it’s likely the timing will work in your favor! Sunrise tends to be less windy, too. As far as colors, sunrise will always produce softer tones.

Sunrise sessions in Maui photographed by Love and Water Maui photographers.

Sunset Sessions

Sunset is easier for a lot of people, and it also happens to be one of our favorite times of day! Don’t be surprised, though, when the beach is busy – sunset on Maui is prime time. When it comes to tones (and more on this later), sunset can be either vibrant on a cloudless afternoon to moody and cooler in tone if it’s cloudy. All of the images you see here were taken at sunset:

Sunset portraits by Love and Water Photography on Maui.

Clouds and Fake Skies

We work with the elements, and never use fake skies in our editing process. That might mean it’s cloudy the afternoon of your shoot and you don’t see the sunset at all. We do not reschedule for cloud, so if the prospect of having a cloudy afternoon will sour the experience and expectations you have of your session, we’re not a good match.

Our primary focus is the connection between you and your loved ones, and while we appreciate and completely understand the desire for a stunning Hawaii sunset, it’s just not always going to happen. We consider cloud to be just as beautiful as a glowing orange sunset, and once adopt this view, too, you’ll relax more and will be able to focus on what matters most – you, family.

Location and Shoot Styles

Where will our shoot take place?

You’ll be able to indicate your preference on our contact form. Most of the shoots you see in our portfolio were photographed in Wailea. If you want to shoot in West Maui (Lahaina), we can show references from this location to check out and see if you want to shoot there or prefer to drive south.

Sessions photographed on the Big Island and Oahu will have a much different backdrop but you can expect the same editing style as we show for our Wailea sessions.

Can we get in the water?

We’ll only take you near the water if conditions are safe. If you have your heart set on water work, realize it’s not always possible as we work with the conditions we’re given. If water work is not possible, we’ll stay on the beach and still gather a collection of gorgeous images together!

Can we take underwater images?

At this time we only offer underwater photography for our personal projects.

What is the turnaround time for images?

We send a sneak peek within 48 hours, and your finished gallery, ready for image selection, within 4 weeks. Need your images sooner? We offer expedited turnaround for $250.

Hair, Makeup and Florals

Will you recommend vendors?

Yes! Once your booking is confirmed we provide a link to our client lounge area. Here you’ll find a list of vendors we frequently work with. It’s important to know you do NOT need to follow this list – it’s a starting point. Don’t think just because someone isn’t on the list they’re not perfect for the job!

All bookings are handled directly by you and the vendor, so check what their policies are relating to photoshoots, cancellations etc. Also, book early to avoid disappointment.

Also, we do not give or receive commission to or from anyone on our list, and they’re recommended based on glowing reviews from past clients. If you worked with someone you loved, let us know!


Post processing is a big thing for us, and you can expect your images to have an aesthetic consistent to our brand. Editing is an intensive process, however, so there are certain things we can perform to each images, and retouching that requires more work. If you do have edits you’d like performed in excess of what has already been done, you’ll be able to request these post-session and they are charged at a rate of $50 per image. More on this later.


We give lots of posing and direction. Any liquifying you want done post-shoot will incur an additional editing cost. We appreciate there may be parts of yourself you’d prefer to have retouched. We do this at a rate of $50 per image as outlined in your session agreement.

Acne and Orthodontic Devices

For portraits that are very close, I do perform acne retouching. Anything in excess of this retouching will incur a fee. Removal of orthodontic devices such as Invisalign is considered an advanced edit and charged at $50 per image.


It depends! A little sunglasses or Apple Watch tan isn’t a big deal and I’ll edit it out. If you’re purple with stark white feet this will incur an additional editing cost.

If sunburn is a concern, book early in your stay if possible (we recommend doing this anyway), and wear lots of reef-friendly sunscreen! Have the tendancy to burn? Wear an outfit that covers the areas of concern. Skincare is your responsibility, take care of your ‘dermis!

Bra/underwear lines

Wardrobe malfunctions happen and I’ll edit out a stray strap or tag, but if you wear a strapped bra with a strapless dress, removing this stap in each image will be an advanced edit. With our rental gowns, the Selena gown in particular is very revealing so requires some forethought with undergarments – more on this later! We recommend silicone adhesive bras if you’re concerned about straps showing, especially with rental gowns.

Wrinkles in clothes

Generally, we leave the wardrobe up to you, so any excess edits beyond what we already perform will be charged as it does take time to perform them. A stray wrinkle here and there is no big deal for me to fix but full shirts, shorts, etc. on each image is a larger job that requires an additional editing fee.


We frequently, but not always, remove footprints in the sand. Done on a case-by-case basis, this particular edit is not performed on each image in your gallery, it just doesn’t look right in every situation.


If the flyaways are distracting I will remove them from your image in most cases. On very windy days, hair might be flying in all directions – we recommend putting your hair back or fixing it up between shots/pulling away from your face if this is a concern.

People and distracting objects

We always edit out other people from your shoots, so don’t worry! I always remove distracting background objects as deemed necessary, which is most of the time.


We don’t expect you to look or pose like a model. We do our best to set the stage for comfort during your session, then rely on your ability to connect with yourself, your partner, your baby-to-be, your family. Connection is what makes a beautiful photo, connection is what we should be striving for, and that’s what we can capture. Remember, we specialize in families, pregnancy, and couples and are not high fashion photographers. We think you’re amazing the way you are. Relax, enjoy!

About Instagram/Tik Tok Filters

If you’re used to using heavy filters on social media and expect to look like that in your portraits, too, that isn’t realistic, right? You’ll be photographed as you are, and you’re perfection. I do perform light retouching of watch tans and acne.

Basic vs. advanced edits

Smoothing some flyawaysLiquifying
Light acne retouchingOrthodontic devices/invisalign
Sunburn reductionUndereye bags/wrinkles
Apple Watch tanScar removal
Color correction and contrastTattoo removal
Sky enhancement (not replacement)Exteme sunburn/tanline removal
Footprints removal (some images, not all)Enhancing or reducing appearance of makeup
Whitening teeth
Removing/reducing appearance of balding
This is just a brief list to give you an idea of the editing we include.

Can I have my images edited by someone else?

Well, you can, and we’d honestly never find out, but it’s breaching your contract and naughty and we definitely can’t stand by the quality of the work and subsequent prints made.

Can I print my photos anywhere?

Can and should are two different things, lol! A print release is included within your contract so you may download your chosen images and take them anywhere. You know, the sly photo for grandma or to stick up on the fridge. HOWEVER, we highly recommend printing directly from your gallery for two reasons.

  1. We can monitor the quality and liaise directly with our professional lab. If you print outside your gallery, we can’t guarantee quality and color replication (I’m talking to you, Costco!)
  2. Our print prices are extremely affordable and we do all the legwork, so there’s really no reason not to!

Can I print a photo HUGE?

We guarantee optimum print quality up to 12 x 18”. You can print beyond this size but should expect grain and slight deterioration of quality from much larger prints. We recommend you print through your gallery with sizes over 12 x 18″ so we can monitor quality, which we cannot do if your images are printed through an outside lab. While your photos will be of great quality, we value meaningful moments as much as we do clear imagery – if a fleeting moment between you and your loved ones happens and the image is a bit out of focus, we’ll include the image for you. We see beauty in a variety of ways and invite you to do the same!

Image Requests

Wondering what to expect from your Hawaii photoshoot when it comes to image replication? This point is SUPER important to touch on! We show our best work in our portfolio, because that is what a portfolio is for – not to promise you can expect the same hero images from your own shoot. If we could, we would!

Hero image of Love and Water Photography
Our often-requested, one-off hero shot!

We work with the day. We work with the elements. Every client’s dynamic is different. Our current hero image is often the subject of request, but the day of that session had a particular swell size and direction, and we got lucky with the placement of the wave.

We cannot recreate images exactly, even if they’re taken from our own portfolio.

Even if you pull inspo from our own work, realize that shot you’re showing was most likely a one off. Make your shoot your own, create your own magic, because we can almost guarantee you’ll be disappointed if your goal is to achieve something 100% similar to another image we’ve created. What we CAN recreate is our editing style. It’s not fair to assume we can recreate an image from another shoot, or a sunset sky – these things are out of our control. Please don’t put the weight of your expectation on your photographer – we’re there to take photos and make you feel relaxed, so just bring that authenticity and go with the flow! Create YOUR hero shot.

Image Selection

Can we choose our images?

Yes and no. After your session wraps, we’ll cull down your images and retouch a select amount to show you in your finished gallery. From this amount you’ll be able to choose the number included in your package, or upgrade to all the images we show in the gallery for an additional fee. We don’t show or release all or unedited/RAW images.

Land + Seashells
Choose 15 images out of 40-60 or upgrade to all shown for an additional fee.

Land + Sea Mini
Choose 25 images out of 60-80 or upgrade to all shown for an additional fee.

Land + Sea Full
Choose 40 images out of 80-100 or upgrade to all shown for an additional fee.

Land + Sea Extended
Choose 40 images out of 80-100 or upgrade to all shown for an additional fee.

How long do we have to choose?

We ask that you select your images within 1 week of your gallery’s delivery. Galleries are active for one year. This ensures you are able to have access to your chosen images for the maximum amount of time.

Due to the volume of sessions we deliver, we will not follow up for your image selections. If your gallery expires before your selections are made, there is a $150 gallery re-posting fee to activate it for another year.

What’s the turnaround time?

You’ll receive a preview within 48 hours of your session that is web sized for you to share as you please. Your final gallery will be delivered for image selection within 4 weeks of your shoot. If you don’t hear from us by then, please check spam as we always deliver your proofs in this timeframe. To make things easier, we send a courtesy e-mail when your gallery is ready so you don’t miss it!

Expedited Delivery

If you want your images in a hurry, we offer expedited editing for $250 which turns around images within 7 business days. We accept two expedited sessions per month.

Rental Gowns

What to expect from your Hawaii photoshoot when it comes to rental gowns? We offer a client closet for our Wailea portrait sessions that include Kasia Kulenty rental gowns. Please visit their website and check out what they offer – we stock a few different colors of the Selena and Athena gowns (view what we have here). Currently we don’t offer gown rentals for inter-island or West Maui portrait sessions.

Selena Gown

Selena gowns are very revealing with high slits, and not for you if you’re self-conscious about showing off a little leg. For more coverage, choose the Athena gown. Both styles are well suited to maternity sessions.

Will gowns fit if I’m short?

Probably. While the gown might be a bit longer on your, you’ll be standing or simply holding the edge of your gown when walking for the majority of your shoot.

Will gowns fit if I have a larger bust?

Our rental gowns are accommodating of both large and smaller busts.

Will you edit out shapewear?

If it’s just a minor malfunction, yes. If it’s in every shot – no, this is an additional edit for $50. It’s up to you to wear something that won’t show, however, such as a silicone adhesive bra or a bikini bottom hiked over the hip. We suggest wearing solid colored bikini bottoms with no tassels.

Should I bring a backup gown?

You should, and you must! Whether you decide the gown isn’t for you or just want an outfit change, a suitable wardrobe alternative is absolutely essential. You don’t wnat to wear anything you don’t feel comfortable in!

Parting words

At the end of the day, we are photographers and professionals who value our clients as much as we value our time and our family. Despite having a team behind us, we’re not a big biz, we’re built from the heart up and live and breathe what we do.

We provide service to the absolute best of our ability, and appreciate our clients who give us the ability to do what we love. As a trade-off, we do expect that everyone who books with us will come in with realistic expectations and be ready to let loose and live in the present moment. THIS is how memorable, beautiful imagery is achieved.

What to expect from your Hawaii photoshoot? We’re good at what we do and connect with clients, but we’re not magicians. We can’t order sunsets on tap. We work with what we’re given instead of off a vision board. It’s unfair to ask any photographer to create candid happy moments if you don’t give yourself the freedom to relax, or create certain conditions based on lofty expectations. It’s absolutely up to you, the client, to bring your love and connection to the table so we can capture and edit it the way we know best! Let’s do this, and now that we’re prepared, let’s let go and have fun!

What to expect from your Hawaii photoshoot with Love + Water

Answer e-mails within 24 biz hoursPerform extra retouchingReschedule for cloud/wind
Color correct/straightenRemove footprints from sandExpect you or your kids to act or look perfect
Work with the conditions givenRaise our pricesLiquify the hell out of you
Try to accommodate requests and changesShow personal work and shots that can’t be recreatedUse fake skies
Pair you with the appropriate photographer for your session styleOffer phone consultations
10% return client + kama’aina discount
Value your time, and ours
Provide posing and direction
Approachable, laid back and professional

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