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When is the best time for maternity photos?

Whether there is a best time for maternity photos is something we get asked about a lot, so we decided to put our hands to the keyboard to bring you the answer!

The short answer is: It’s up to you.

The long answer is: There are different benefits for shooting at different stages in your pregnancy. 

In this post we’ll guide you through the benefits of having photos taken during different stages of your pregnancy and share tips for preparing for your shoot. Plus, along the way we’re sharing a few recent maternity sessions on Maui. The photo below is a sunrise fav from our session with Olivia Jordan, who just welcomed her baby girl.

Pinterest graphic with a happy couple embracing on the shoreline at sunset during their babymoon portrait session on Maui

Are you thinking about booking a pregnancy photoshoot during your babymoon in Maui? Don’t forget to grab your copy of our Maui Babymoons Guide.

Pregnant woman in her second trimester poses on the beach wearing a red bikini photographed by Love and Water on Maui

What Trimester To Get Your Maternity Photos Taken In

When is the best time for maternity photos? We think it’s safe to say whenever your toes are able to touch the sand!

Personally, I (Shawn) felt best after the initial morning sickness of the first trimester wore off. Adam and I had our first portraits with our second child taken around 12 weeks. We hadn’t yet told our family about the pregnancy, but it made for a very special moment captured between the three of us before we announced it.

As far as our clients go, many are already planning to travel to Maui, The Big Island, or Oahu early in their pregnancies, so we shoot earlier on. We also have clients who live locally and shoot their sessions around 35 weeks. We’re used to photographing bumps both big and small! Ultimately, it’s really up to your preference. The memory you take away from your portraits is the most important thing, trust us!

First trimester maternity photos.

First trimester maternity photos are really special. For one, they capture you in the initial stages of growing a human—an incredible process as your body begins to change and adapt for your baby. It’s also a really fun way to announce your pregnancy. You can get the photos done early on, and then share them with family and friends to announce the exciting news!

We photograph a bunch of couples who travel to Maui early on in their pregnancy journey. It’s a great time to capture portraits if you’re feeling up to it! Every pregnancy is different, but we recommend going for it if you’re feeling great and want to have a sweet memory of that teeny baby bump.

Second trimester maternity photos.

The most popular time to get maternity photos taken is during the second trimester—usually towards the end. This can be a sweet spot for moms-to-be because they generally still feel comfortable enough to travel to a further destination like Maui.

Again, all pregnancies are different, but many women report feeling most like themselves during the second trimester. This means you can (hopefully) fully enjoy the experience without discomfort or nausea!

That said, don’t worry if you’re not feeling your best the day of your maternity session. It’s our job to make you feel as beautiful as you look, and we’re here to guide you through the session with ease no matter what. We love capturing mamas and their second-trimester bumps!

Third trimester maternity photos. 

The third trimester can be a little exhausting! For that reason, it’s not common for couples to book a maternity portrait session with us in Maui during this time. However, if you are up for traveling and you want to rest your weary feed in the sea and sand, we’d love to see you for a beach photoshoot.

A beautiful round belly looks amazing at sunrise and sunset, and we love capturing mamas during the third trimester. Third trimester maternity pictures document a time that passes by way too quickly!

How to Prepare For Your Maternity Photos in Hawaii

So you’re ready to book your maternity portrait session, but you want to make sure you’re ready. We’ve got you! Here are three tips to help you prepare for your maternity photos on the beach!

  • Wear something that will be comfortable in the sun, sand, and sea. Long, flowy maxi dresses and dramatic, off-shoulder dresses are long-standing favorites. Explore your options, and don’t be afraid to rock your bikini during your pregnancy shoot! As long as you’re comfortable getting it sandy and salty, you’ll be able to make the most of your session and absolutely shine.
  • Put enjoying the experience first. Your body is going through a whole lot, and it’s normal for mamas to worry about how their photos will turn out. The best thing you can do is focus on enjoying the shoot in the present! If you can do that, we promise you’ll love your photos even more.

Do what makes you feel beautiful. Some mamas feel best when they’re au natural with their hair down. Other women feel their best when they have their nails and hair done and their makeup on—or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Whatever makes you feel confident and gorgeous, do it!

Beautiful pregnant woman wearing a flower crown and blue bikini poses for the camera while holding her belly

Celebrate Your Pregnancy With A Photoshoot

So now you know the best time for maternity photos is whenever works best for you. No matter what trimester you are photographed in, know this is all about having an amazing experience you can look back on. Yes, the photos are great to have (like, really great), but soaking up the precious moments while the two of you are still one is pretty incredible too. We’re so lucky we get to photograph such a special time in your life. Are you feeling inspired to book your maternity photoshoot with us? We were hoping you would say so! Get in touch with us and let’s start planning your babymoon photo session in Hawaii.

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