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Find the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot Dress for Your Body Type and Style

Are you looking for a maternity photoshoot dress that suits your unique body shape, size, and style? You’re in luck, because we’ve compiled some of our top options for you to explore!

As photographers in Hawaii who absolutely love taking beach maternity portraits, we often receive questions about what to wear to a maternity shoot⁠. With years of experience photographing different body shapes and sizes (while always keeping our eyes peeled for the best maternity outfit ideas), we have some excellent suggestions to help you find a maternity photoshoot dress that will make you feel absolutely stunning!

Pregnant woman wearing a beautiful maternity photoshoot dress with gold detailing for a maternity photoshoot on Maui, Hawaii with love + water photography.

What Should I Wear to My Maternity Photoshoot?

This is a question we hear often, and we can understand why! Your maternity photos are something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you’re choosing a dress that suits your vibe, feels comfortable, and complements your beauty while showcasing your adorable baby bump.

But the truth is that finding the right maternity photoshoot dress can be challenging. Your body is changing, you may not feel quite at home in your own skin, and might also feel some pressure to try to make sure everything is perfect.

We get it. First of all—you’re perfect the way you are! Your outfit choice matters because it can help make you feel as amazing as you look, which will in turn produce the most relaxed and beautiful imagery. We’re going to walk you through some helpful tips for choosing a maternity outfit and then dive into some lovely options for different body types and personal styles! 

Maternity Photoshoot Outfit Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the best maternity photo dress or outfit:

  1. Comfort is key
  2. Let your personal style shine through
  3. Consider your best colors
  4. When it doubt, keep it simple

1. Choose a Comfortable Dress

Comfort is key. Believe us when we say that you could choose the most beautiful dress in the world, but if you don’t feel comfortable enough to move around and be yourself, it’s likely to impact not only your photos, but how much you enjoy the experience. There are so many gorgeous maternity dresses out there that will accentuate your bump and highlight your shape without making you feel restricted or uncomfortable (and you’ll find some below!). 

A couple standing together on the beach for maternity photos on Maui, Hawaii.
A couple standing together on the shore, the woman wearing a peach-colored maternity dress, during maternity photos on Maui.

This is one of the reasons why we love flowy, drapey dress styles for our maternity shoots. Flowy fabrics can add movement, dynamics, and depth to your photos while keeping you nice and comfy. One key point, however, is to avoid a frilly neckline – tradewinds may have that thing flying up in your face for every photo, so keep necklines simple.

Of course, your maternity outfit choice should also reflect the environment and weather during your photoshoot. Since we offer portraits on Maui, Oahu, Big Island, and Kauai in Hawaii, we recommend choosing beach maternity outfits with light, breathable fabrics to help you stay cool (and something you’re not afraid of getting a little wet, if you want to have some fun in the water⁠—our favorite!). 

2. Choose Something that Matches Your Style

This shoot is about you, after all! Your dress should reflect your personal style. You want to feel confident when you put it on, and you want these photos to be something you can admire for years to come.

A woman wearing a sage green maternity photoshoot dress while holding her baby bump, and her partner standing behind her and holding her on the beach.
A family of three standing on the beach for family maternity photos in Hawaii at sunset.

Rather than hopping onto a trend that you might not be super keen on, stay true to your authentic style. Do you love a boho maternity dress vibe? Are you more into something on the casual side? Have prints always been your thing? Do you, and when in doubt, just keep it simple and let your beauty shine through! 

3. Choosing the Right Color

Have you ever noticed that there are some colors that give you an instant confidence boost when you wear them? Or those times when you love how something looks on the rack, but when you put it on, it seems to wash you out? 

This is because we all have different colors that suit us based on the tone of our skin, hair, eyes, and more. You might have heard about “finding your color season”, such as being an “autumn” or a “summer” when it comes to what colors look best on you.

A pregnant couple standing on the beach for maternity photos on Maui, the woman wearing a beautiful blue maternity photoshoot dress.
A pregnant woman wearing a light purple maternity photoshoot dress holding hands with her partner while standing in the water for Maui beach maternity photos.

If you’re not sure what color maternity dress to get, this is a great place to start. You might see a maternity dress online and love it, just to realize the color isn’t as flattering as you hoped when you try it on. Having an idea of which colors make you feel amazing can really help narrow it down.

You can also consider your photoshoot surroundings when choosing your maternity dress color. For example, we often recommend colors that reflect the beautiful hues of Hawaii sunsets and sunrises. This offers plenty of options to suit different tones while also complementing the setting. 

PS: Most of the dresses we listed below come in different colors, so make sure to take a look to see!

4. When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

In the end, it isn’t about the dress⁠—the dress is here to accentuate the amazing person you are and this incredible journey you’re on. Whatever maternity outfit you choose, make sure it’s there to highlight you, and not drown you out or steal the spotlight.

A pregnant woman holding hands with a man walking on the beach for maternity photos.

Maternity Photoshoot Dresses for Different Body Types and Styles

Here are some of our top picks for maternity photoshoot dresses, based on different body types and styles:

  1. Petite-Friendly Maternity Dresses
  2. Tall-Friendly Maternity Dresses
  3. Plus-Size Maternity Dresses
  4. Maternity Gowns and Dresses
  5. Maternity Swimwear

PS: As you can probably tell, PinkBlush is one of our go-tos for buying maternity dresses online! 

1. Maternity Dresses for Petite Sizes

When shopping for a maternity dress for a photoshoot when you’re petite, it’s important to pay attention to proportions to ensure the dress fits your smaller frame while still accommodating your growing belly. Here are some petite-friendly maternity dresses that we love⁠—including for a beach maternity photoshoot on Maui:

2. Maternity Dresses for Tall Sizes

When searching for a tall-friendly maternity dress, you’ll want to keep an eye on proportions and make sure your dress provides enough length and coverage for your frame. Here are some of our favorite beach maternity photoshoot dresses for tall sizes:

3. Plus-size Maternity Dresses

Choosing a maternity photoshoot dress for plus-size individuals is all about finding styles that flatter your curves, provide comfort, and make you feel confident. Here are some beautiful plus-size maternity dresses to rock at the beach or anywhere else:

More Amazing Maternity Gowns and Dresses

We love a good maternity gown! When it comes to a photoshoot, sometimes it’s fun to get something a little more glamorous than what you’d usually wear. Here are some other stunning maternity dresses for photoshoots to check out:

Maternity Swimwear for Photoshoots

Since we offer beach maternity photoshoots, you know we had to include a section about maternity swimwear! We love when our clients bring swimwear to their maternity shoots so we can play in the water and really showcase your belly. We typically recommend wearing a two-piece bikini with low-rise bottoms, but it’s about what makes you comfortable, too. Here are some great swimsuits for maternity photoshoots:

Book Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Now that you’re on your way to finding the best maternity dress for you, it’s time to book that photoshoot! Love + Water offers maternity photoshoots on various islands in Hawaii, so whether you’re planning a babymoon on Maui, Oahu, Big Island, or Kauai, we’re here to capture this amazing moment of your life!

Please feel free to peruse our portfolio, follow us on Instagram, and reach out if you’d like to book a maternity photoshoot in Hawaii.

A pregnant couple standing in the water together, the woman wearing a maternity bathing suit, for a maternity photoshoot with love and water photography on maui.

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