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I looked at our daughter holding out a book for me to read to her before bed. She requested A Day at the Seashore, and thumbed through the pages pointing out her favorite things.

ALOHA Collection x Love + Water

ALOHA Collection x Love + Water pre-sale + giveaway!

Land + Sea Sessions

We’re collaborating with ALOHA Collection! Read on for details on how to WIN a Day Tripper Tote and small pouch!

Maui Portraits in the Ocean

Land + Sea Sessions

When we first booked Lalyna’s Land, Sea + Me Session the COVID-19 crisis was just getting underway. Forced to delay for several weeks, we finally had the opportunity to shoot on island and are grateful for the chance to photograph this beauty in the ocean. Here are a few of our favorites from her session, […]

The Art of Creativity


Claiming your space in a world of copy + paste.

How we do family portraits on Maui

Land + Sea Sessions

Our beach portrait session with Amber and her family was our first photoshoot after quarantine restrictions lifted. We enjoyed an epic sunset on (and in) the water, and couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to share the ocean with. Here are some key elements to a fun family portrait session: Energy – the only […]

COVID-19 Photography infographic

Photographing safely during COVID-19


As beach photographers, we enjoy the most wonderful outdoor playground and work environment that someone could ask for: open air, plentiful sunshine and long lenses to capture intimate moments. While COVID-19 hasn’t changed the way we edit and deliver your images, for now, it will change the way we shoot your session – and that’s […]

When will Hawaii open to tourists? August 1st, with negative COVID test


With yesterday’s announcement that Hawaii tourism will resume on August 1st came a wide range of emotions. We’re cautiously excited and carefully planning our approach to sessions moving forward. In the works is a guide we’ll send to our clients that addresses everything we’ll need to cover in order to keep everyone safe. Honestly, it […]

The father-daughter dance


The father-daughter or mother-son dance, what an emotional moment. It’s just such a beautiful few minutes in time, the tropical breeze cuts the humidity of late afternoon and brings a welcome and gentle push of cool air through your hair. The ocean laps or crashes against the rocky shoreline, the hum of music trickles into […]

One year to the day


Yesterday I lay in the hospital bed with our daughter who was receiving fluids and an ultrasound in order to investigate the severe illness she’d acquired. It was our second visit to the ER in two days. I wrapped my arm around her head and rested into her soft blonde hair as she grimaced in […]

Inspiration in a time of travel restrictions to Hawaii

Land + Sea Sessions

Inspiration – creatives, are you feeling it? It’s okay if you’re not, we were there for a while, but now we’ve come out the other side. Weeks have turned into months of unemployment when we used to enjoy shooting nearly every day. With so many cancellations mounting on top of a growing list of shoots […]

When will tourism be open on Maui?


I can only speak for us, and the way it is for us, now, as full-time photographers on Maui with a young family whose business is almost 100% driven by tourism. When the pandemic began and the island was closed to visitors, I felt relieved for our health system, scared for ourselves and our friends. […]

Just a couch – the pain of letting go


To anyone else, it was a couch. But to me? The tattered blue arm rests on the three-seater sofa held stories between them, ones that carve into the inner reachings on my heart. To  me, the couch was that first big purchase after we moved to Maui and began to see progress in our business. […]

Our last Maui portrait session before COVID travel restrictions took place

Land + Sea Sessions

The last few weeks have been a difficult time of transition for everyone. For our small business + family on Maui, it’s required a shift in focus and the acceptance of new opportunities disguised as challenges.   At first, grief. I resisted embracing our changing circumstances but have over the last weeks allowed myself to […]

"amongst the best investments we've made"

From Rajan:

We're so happy we went with Love + Water and will definitely have them take photos of our family again!

"an absolutely easy + stress free experience"

from jessica:

The dreamiest photos you've ever seen. Right from the first e-mail, we felt completely heard and seen.



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