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A flawless Maui sunrise and beach family portraits

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Three days in a row I’ve had goosebumps looking at the sky. At sunset, the way the light dances on the water and the waves crash or tiptoe along the shoreline. The whoop of guests onboard a boat just offshore witnessing their first breaching whale.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret… when you’re on Maui, don’t get too lost looking for the green flash or watching the setting sun. Turn around – do you see the way the sun lights up the slopes of Haleakalā? The way the fronds of palm trees are charged with a vibrant burst of yellow and green during the golden hour? The rainbow forming over the West Maui Mountains, low and fat, its violet arms brushing the land below?

You’d be forgiven thinking this peachy, vibrant sunrise family session took place at the end of the day – those skies, simply unreal, and a family so deserving of the warm glow it cast upon our morning.



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