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A splash of color – sunrise Maui maternity portraits

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I’ve always been an early riser – since high school, really, when my two best friends would sleep over and throw pillows at me if I stirred before 9am. Early wake ups have always been my forte, and Adam is no different. Even with two kids 3 and under, he seems to wake with ease to shoot these sunrise beach portraits.

When I studied abroad on the Sunshine Coast in Australia (before moving there to be with Adam) my friends and I rose before the sun on Fraser Island and I remember capturing that little orb as it broke through the horizon, barely visible on my point-and-shoot camera. Huddled in the sand for a group photo with my friends Diane and Shannon, I was wearing a floppy ponytail and a black College of Charleston hooded sweatshirt.

Funny the memories that can be sparked by a simple sunrise – and I hope these maternity portraits at the beach are no different for expecting parents Christina + Jimmy.



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