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Maui has some famous places to visit, and l would have to say when we first considered moving to the island, the ocean playground that surrounds Maui was one of the biggest draw cards for a salty Aussie who grew up on the beach.

I was lucky enough to travel to Oahu multiple times as a teenager for my sport and got to ride waves which l considered giants at the time. This week, almost 15 years after my first trip to Hawaii l was lucky enough to be invited to watch and photograph a world famous big wave location. I jumped at the opportunity, even with Shawn being 37 weeks pregnant – I missed the last swell because l didn’t want to miss the birth of our baby boy while bobbing around in the middle of the pacific ocean.

This time we agreed that because there’s phone reception in the line-up I could swim the half mile back to shore or bribe a lift back on one of the multiple jet skis to make it back to the hospital in time.

Luckily our boy didn’t arrive during my swim and I was given an hourly pregnancy update the rest of the day. The swell was predicted to be 60 ft. plus but as it peaked in the late afternoon at the 45ft mark, we had the unique opportunity to swim in the lineup.

Thanks to AquaTech l kept my camera dry and salt-free all day. Thank you to the crew on board and Lyle for the photos of me in the water and organizing the epic day, that made for an unforgettable experience.



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