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We had this idea – I don’t know. Sunrise, moonset, the still of morning coupled with those silky pastel skies – nothing needed to be perfect, but everything needed to happen at just the right moment. We’d been wanting to shoot with Kyera for ages, and finally the stars aligned. She hopped over to Maui from Oahu to visit a friend, her trip coincided with the setting full moon and away we went!

It’s sort of an un-styled styled shoot. We kept things simple and found a huge wayward palm frond in the car park. “That looks like a good prop, why not?”

The results are everything we imagined, and something of what we didn’t, the results of our semi spur-of-the-moment ocean boudoir session are below and it’s certainly lodged in our memory bank as one of our favorite shoots to date.

The ocean provides a drop of grace and is the perfect environment for outdoor boudoir portraits. We’re available for Sunshine Coast boudoir sessions which can also be added to your wedding photography package. Click here for details.



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