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From bump to bump – two very special family sessions

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Yesterday our daughter turned five months old. The middle-of-the-nights I used to spend texting my friends in Australia to stay awake as I fed her, the power naps she’d take on Adam’s chest as I had some quality time with our son, even the memory of the way her birth went off without any major disturbances after months of stressing and underplanning…

The first weeks when Ashley would stare at me wistfully as I napped Luna in the carrier, as if she’d robbed his favorite person from under his nose, have all but disappeared. At the time they sent me in to a state of emotional fragility, wondering how to balance a new baby, a growing toddler, a business and a move overseas.

We had a last minute cancellation and took the opportunity to fly to Kauai to meet up with Jade and Tanner, having photographed the couple on Maui when expecting their first child, now with that once-a-bump toddler in tow and a little boy on the inside.

What a special privilege, to be able to document a growing family, and despite the clouds and rain that threatened the small window we had to shoot, we know how much these photos will mean in the years to come. Now, to practice what we preach and get some more of our own!



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