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Fun Maui Beach Couples Portraits | Land and Sea Session

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When we pulled up in the parking lot before Jessie and Dan’s Maui beach portrait session we saw this really cool, scruffy looking dog near the entrance. And, as you may know, Adam and I are huge dog fans. Fan meaning… I am a crazy dog lady and I own it. “That is such a cool dog”, Adam said, “I wish we could do a portrait with a couple and their dog. Then we saw Jessie, and Dan, and soon realized Howard belonged to the two of them.

“I hope you don’t mind that we brought Howard along”, Jessie said. Are you kidding me? Perfection. He and Marley would have gotten along great! Or completely ignored each other at the beach – Marley tends to be ball obsessed so doesn’t pay much attention to people.

Jessie, Dan and Howard are a beautiful family. Dan’s love for Jessie is so apparent and the pair were so much fun to photograph at sunset on this beautiful Maui beach. Jessie is a wedding planner at Belle Destination Wedding and Events and we scored a cute, simple flower crown for her to wear during the session provided by talented Bella Bloom florist on Maui. Her makeup was done by the talented team at Maui Makeup Artistry.

Here is a peek in to these fun Maui beach couples portraits, we can’t wait to photograph more happy couples soon 🙂



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