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How we do family portraits on Maui

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Our beach portrait session with Amber and her family was our first photoshoot after quarantine restrictions lifted. We enjoyed an epic sunset on (and in) the water, and couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to share the ocean with.

Here are some key elements to a fun family portrait session:

  1. Energy – the only thing you need bring to your shoot is your authentic selves – if this means running wild on the shoreline and drenching every inch of your body in saltwater within 5 minutes – then, so be it.
  2. Ocean – A splash, a swim, it doesn’t matter – there’s something about the ocean that tends to bring the most relaxed portraits, which is why we incorporate water in to many if not most of our beach photoshoots!
  3. Love – We have and always will value connection over perfection. Show the love you have for your family, and that’s what you’ll see in your finished results.

This is how we do family portraits on Maui, and as we enter our sixth year of business photographing beach and water portraits we cannot think of a better way to do what we love and meet wonderful people along the way!



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