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Photographing safely during COVID-19

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As beach photographers, we enjoy the most wonderful outdoor playground and work environment that someone could ask for: open air, plentiful sunshine and long lenses to capture intimate moments.

While COVID-19 hasn’t changed the way we edit and deliver your images, for now, it will change the way we shoot your session – and that’s ok. Here are a few measures we’ll take and ask you to take as well before and during your shoot.

  1. No sessions with symptoms – If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay on Maui, please notify us ASAP before your session. We would much prefer to shoot when you are well, and will have no problem scheduling you at a later time. We, of course, will do the same, and will never photograph a session when ill. This is something we’ve held to long before COVID-19, in fact, because we like to keep germs to ourselves!
  2. Adam will be wearing a mask – Adam will shoot your session wearing a cloth mask. We do not expect you, our clients, to do the same as you will be from the same family and we will be shooting in an open air environment at a distance over 6′.
  3. Throw shakas – Hugs are so 2019, right? We’ll say our hello and goodbye from a distance, leaving the hugs and handshakes for another time. It’s a great chance to perfect the shaka, so get shakin’!
  4. Storage of personal belongings – Prior to COVID-19, we’d have no problem storing car keys and phones in our own bag. For now, though, we ask that you bring along your own bag to hold your personal items during your session.
  5. Same old service – A lot has changed in the past year, but you know what remains constant? Our dedication to you, our valued clients, the service we render and the stellar images we achieve together. We cannot wait to meet and photograph you on Maui, and do so in a way that is safe for all involved. Thank you for choosing us to photograph your portraits, we will sea you soon!
A list of ways we’ll be safely shooting your Maui beach portrait during COVID-19



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