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Land + Sea Beach Towels 🧜🏼‍♀️

Each towel is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles ♻️ They’re sand-resistant, soft as a feather, ultra-absorbent, antimocrobial and feature some of our most popular Maui ocean art images!


There are 3 reasons these towels needed to happen!

1. 90% of the time, our clients forget towels after their Land + Sea session. I can’t blame them, oftentimes we are up well before sunrise and it’s not as if you say “hair and makeup? Check! Fully clothed? Check! Towel, check!” Now there’s no excuse, Adam can bring yours to the shoot so you have a treasure to take away before the photos even drop in your inbox ♥️
2. We’re a mess. Literally, every time we take the kids to the beach sand is everywhere within 3.584 seconds. A little shake and it’s gone!
3. We’ve wanted to print them for ages so… what better excuse than being out of work for a year 😉 It’s bad – but it also gave us the push we needed to finally make happen something we’ve been meaning to do for years.



1. The normal price of these towels will be $45, but they’re $39 each until the end of September.2. Bundle and Save – Buy all 3 prints for $100, and you’ll also receive free shipping! (Save over $20!)


The pre-sale begins now. We anticipate shipment to begin late September so if you can wait a month or so before wrapping yourself up in these cuties, you’ll save $6 off the regular price (or over $20 if you buy 3!) Each sale means we do a happy dance, which subsequently means we embarrass/delight our children, which makes it even sweeter.


Head over to The Land + Sea Store to shop, and please let us know what you think below or if there are more prints you’d like to sea. Mahalo for your support!



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