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Your Maui Family Portrait Session

This is how we do!

While I’m not trying to write a book about how your Maui family portrait session should go, and there is not a strict set of rules we abide by, Adam and I work in a certain way every time, and that energy we bring to the table is why your portrait session on Maui will not only be fun and carefree, but result in a series of beautiful images by which you will remember your family’s vacation for many years to come.

Shawn and Adam of Love and Water Photography

We work together

Adam and I are a husband and wife team, photographing every Maui family portrait session together. We work alongside one another effortlessly, enjoying the company of our clients and coming away from the session with new friends. While the majority of the time this means you will have two lead photographers during your family portrait, that doesn’t mean it will ever be an intimidating or crowded event. What it does mean is that while I’m setting you and your family up in the right light and in front of the best backdrop, Adam is capturing candid images with a zoom lens while I shoot wider angles that incorporate the surrounding environment. We have a constant rapport with you and your kids during every session, so there’s never a dull moment, and you’ll never feel awkward – promise!

Maui family portrait photography by Love and Water www.lovewaterphoto.com

We include the Environment

You’re in Maui – so depending on the time of day you’ll want that beautiful blue sky and water combination or the sun setting and illuminating the landscape behind you. We make sure to capture not only the surrounding environment, but your family enjoying it, running around getting absolutely every uncovered bit of skin covered in sand, or even splashing around in the water when the conditions are right!

Maui family portrait photographers Love and Water Photography www.lovewaterphoto.com

We love the Ocean

We’re Love and Water for a reason – Adam is a waterman and often photographs from the ocean while I photograph from land. When conditions are right, the best way you could possibly top off an energetic portrait session would be to jump in the water, right? Kids love it, and so do we. Adam will probably run back and do a Superman change into a wetsuit, grabbing his underwater housing and rolling around in the waves as you play with your family on the shoreline (or jump in the water yourselves!)

Mother playing with happy son Maui family photography

We love kids

With an endless amount of patience and positive energy between us, we love working with families of all sizes, and with kids of any age. Adam’s great at getting younger children to play games and have fun, and we always make sure to get portraits of the parents together so you have some alone time and some beautiful images of the two of you, as well.

If you’re interested in booking a Maui family portrait session, you can do so online! If you have any questions prior, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we will answer every last question you may have! We hope to meet you on Maui soon!



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