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Maui Trash the Dress Photography at Sunset

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Rose and Seth were on Maui to marry at Ironwoods Beach. She contacted us to arrange a trash the dress session before their flight back home, as she wore a gorgeous Katie May gown that needed to be celebrated one last time before getting locked away! The only requirement? It couldn’t get wet! After all, who wants to lug a damp wedding gown back on the plane?

We had just the solution that wouldn’t even require Rose or Seth to get in the water. This is actually the way Adam and I photograph most of our Maui trash the dress sessions, which is that I photograph from the land while Adam goes for a swim and photographs the couple from the water. It can get a bit difficult communicating poses to a couple when in the water so I will usually step in to provide direction while Adam shoots away (and gently reminds me to get out of the frame 😉

Below is a preview from the session, proving that you don’t have to trash your dress at all when you’re on Maui to get beautiful images after your wedding day! Actually, the gown barely ended up with a wet or sandy hem, which is definitely an all-time record 🙂



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