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An early morning swim

This morning Adam shook me awake at 8am. For the record, we are used to getting up at the crack of dawn but today was different, my head snuggled between the two oversized throw pillows I ordered from a sale on Amazon, and drool making its home on my pillowcase. Dead to the world. I wasn’t a rush to go anywhere. But 8am came. I cracked open my eyes to an eager husband holding a cup of steaming hot coffee. I drank most of the coffee then in my sleepy state thought it would be cute to place the remaining cup of coffee on top of Marley’s big butt – he’d snuggled up to me on the bed – and send the photo to my parents. This resulted in coffee spilling all over the dog (for the record, it wasn’t hot so don’t call me a bad parent), which led to him smelling like creamer all day and looking at me over his shoulder like I was nuts. There was no resulting photo.

After the daily cup I rolled out of bed, drove to the beach with Adam and we were greeted once again by pristine blue waters coupled with whale song every time I took 10 strokes underwater in the clear blue sea.

Not a bad way to start a work day, and definitely worth waking up early – it always is.

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