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Maui Underwater Photography: Swimming with whale sharks

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This week we were lucky to enjoy a day in the beautiful waters off Maui and Lana’i.

It’s amazing being able to explore underwater in pristine conditions so whenever the opportunity arises we try to make the most of it. On this particular afternoon we had a sunset photo shoot scheduled so Adam was hesitant on confirming this particular trip.

Adam decided to go for it, and while aboard Pacific Whale witnessed a rare occurrence in the waters off Lana’i. The boat was making its way way back to Maui after the group’s 4th snorkel of the day. Everyone on board was salty and snacking away when the boat came to an abrupt halt. Adam’s first thought was the boat halted because a pod of Spinner Dolphins was playing along side the vessel, but the group soon found out the reason for its stopping: a few feet below the boat, a juvenile Whale shark – around 25ft in length – was cruising around. Luckily Adam hadn’t yet taken his camera out of his AquaTech Water Housing and he was able to jump in to enjoy a moment with the beautiful creature before it dove in to the abyss.

Many aboard were Pacific Whale Foundation employees, so when you see a bunch of tour guides and marine experts giving high fives, hugging and tearing up you know you have just witnessed an amazing, rare experience, and one which Adam will not be forgetting any time soon!



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