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We're a husband and wife team who formed Love + Water Photography on Maui in 2014. Since then we've created a series of sessions from the land, sea + sky, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous colors of Maui sunrises and sunsets.

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Shooting a Maui Wedding Venue for the First Time

Shooting a Maui Wedding Venue for the First Time

Why fresh perspective isn’t a negative

Having just arrived on Maui in July from Queensland, Australia, each location where Adam and I photograph weddings is new. When brides inquire whether we have photographed at their Maui wedding venue before I used to sort of contort my face and wince as I replied with a friendly and enthusiastic “Not yeeeeeet…”, fearing this would be a drawback for these brides who want to hire us but weren’t comfortable with the fact that we are new to the island.

Then I started seeing things from a different perspective!

Photographing weddings for a living it’s inevitable that eventually you will shoot somewhere for the second, tenth and thirty dozenth time. And while this is an awesome advantage in knowing where to be and when, the opposite is not a disadvantage. When Adam and I step in to a location for the first time, whether a sandy Maui beach or wedding venue, we’re seeing everything through new eyes. And that is total creative brain food. When possible if we are photographing a location for the first time, we’ll arrange to see it first hand during the time that your ceremony takes place. That way we can get an idea of the lighting situation and potential areas to photograph you both and your guests on your wedding day! The fact is, we’ve photographed weddings for nearly 5 years, and the majority of those weddings have been a first time place for us. And it’s never been a problem!

Shooting at a Maui wedding venue for the first time

Every Maui photographer offers a different angle

So does photographing a Maui wedding venue for the tenth time make you any less creative than someone seeing it for the first time? Absolutely not! When deciding which photographer to hire for your Maui wedding, here’s what it comes down to:

1) Do you admire your photographer’s style? If you swoon over their sunset wedding photos and your venue has access to the beach where they can work that sunset light, chances are you will be thrilled with the results. Don’t let a photographer shooting at your venue for the first time hold you back from hiring them.

2) The ultimate equation for beautiful wedding photos is hiring a photographer you click with (click – haha); and admiring their photographic style.

If you have those two points down, you’re guaranteed to have beautiful results on your wedding day. We’d love to photograph at your Maui wedding venue for the first time! To find out if we click (click… see what I did there?) please contact us!

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