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Our Top Outfit Ideas for a Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

Are you trying to find outfit ideas for a mother-daughter photoshoot? Well, we’ve got you covered—literally!

We’re Love + Water, family photographers based in Wailea, Maui, but working across Hawaii in Maui, South Maui, Big Island, Kauai, and Oahu. Since opening in July 2014, we’ve been lucky enough to capture moments for many amazing families. We’d be honored to do the same for you

Now, choosing outfits is only part of planning the perfect Maui photoshoot. You have to coordinate the outfits, look at style, colors, and accessories and think about matching the environment and vibe. You must also prep for a successful morning or afternoon of shooting, ensuring you and your daughter are comfortable and feeling your best. 

Ready to make some magic happen? Let’s start by locking in that dreamy mother-daughter photoshoot!

Keep reading to learn about our hot tips for putting together outfits for a mother-daughter photoshoot, plus our favorite brands to pull looks from.

mother and daughters in maui hawaii photoshoot

Mother-Daughter Photoshoot Outfit Tips

We want you to feel your best before and during your Maui portrait session and feel confident that you are making lasting memories with your daughter. Stunning photographs of the two of you bonding should feel effortless, and we’re here to help make that happen. 

Okay, let’s get into the basics—what to wear and what to think about when picking out looks for your daughter and yourself. 

We get it—sometimes, even putting an outfit together on any day can be difficult. It can be the last thing on your mind, especially when you have other priorities.

But you deserve to feel great in your clothes and have some fun choosing your outfit and your daughters! 

When you’re starting on your styling journey, we’d recommend thinking about the following:

Coordinating Your Outfits

If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, you’re most likely a fan of matching. And you know what? Sometimes, it can work out really well for your photoshoot with your daughter! But you don’t need to match absolutely everything.

We suggest being more along the lines of coordinating—or at least bringing matching and coordinating options on your photoshoot day.

Consider picking matching fashion styles—boho, glam, modern, minimal. Look for complementary colors like earth tones, blush pink and blue, and whites. You want to look effortlessly coordinated and like you fit together and with the location of your photoshoot. Hot tip: Using a Pinterest board is an excellent way for you (and us) to see your vision come to life.

Being Practical

There’s no need to spend extra money, buy something costly, or style yourself in a brand-new way. You want to feel and look like yourself.

Got a budget? That’s amazing! Stick to it; we’re sure you’ll find some incredible things within your price range. 

Are you a fan of renting outfits? So are we! So much so that we’ve got a perfect rental option for the moms out there

Matching the Environment and Vibe

You want your outfits to reflect where you are. You wouldn’t typically wear a ballgown to the beach on a typical day, so having one on in your Hawaii photoshoot would feel out of place.

If you’re thinking Maui for your location, which we hope you are, we’d recommend picking flowy, boho styles in colors that match the scenery—earthy tones like the golden sand, blues like the ocean, whites like those beautiful afternoon clouds, and pinks that suit the soft tones of sunrise. Even jewel tones look great, especially at sunset.

And since you’ll be on the beach, wear slip-ons to the shoreline and then go barefoot! There’s nothing like feeling the waves lap at your feet, having the sand between your toes, and sharing special moments with your daughter. Plus, a game of chase on the water’s edge is more easily done with bare feet. We want you to feel comfortable moving around and having a play, too!

Adding Accessories or Keeping it Minimal

We wouldn’t recommend anything too heavy or chunky that would be distracting and take away from your beautiful self. Moms with babies might also find themselves subject to yanking and pulling of those earrings, too! But, if there’s something of sentimental value and dainty that you both could wear, it would be a sweet element. 

Picking Your Outfits for Your Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

Now that you’ve organized your preliminary ideas and thoughts, it’s time to shop! 

With so many outfits to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re thinking of outfits for you AND your daughter, plus trying to coordinate them. Don’t worry—we’ll help you find the right one for both of you!

For mother-daughter photoshoots in Maui, we recommend considering each outfit’s color, fabric, and style.


White outfits let you shine—and complement a beautiful Maui sunrise or sunset, of course! If you don’t go neutral, stick with colors that will play nicely with the colors of the environment you’re surrounded by. For Maui photoshoots, think soft pinks, creams, muted blues, and soft greens. Solid colors guarantee that your joyful, smiling faces will take center stage in every picture.

Color combinations we love for Maui beach photo sessions:
White and blue
Yellow and white
Beige and pink
White and Pink
White and beige
Light blue and light pink
Both wearing white
Both in pale blue
Both wearing pale pink
Both in light green 


Comfortability is key here. Stick to flowy, breathable fabrics that allow you to move. Soft, natural fabrics like linen and cotton drape and flow, helping create stunning photographs. Most importantly, you’ll feel good about what you’re in! If your child has sensory sensitivities, bamboo, linen and cotton styles with tags removed will ensure easier comfort and movement.


Choose a style that matches your environment and feels like you! You want to love your and your daughter’s outfits so that you can fondly look back on your photoshoot moments. Maui’s vibe looks best with boho, beachy, and swimsuit styles. But if that isn’t your favorite, don’t go there!  

Keeping these guidelines in mind, some beachy outfit ideas for you and your daughter are:
Flowy midi or maxi dress

A fitted yet slightly flowy romper 

Bikini or one-piece bathing suit

You have free reign to choose your outfits, but we recommend avoiding loud prints like stripes and plaid, which do not translate well on camera.

Looking for more details, ideas, and options, we put together this blog that explains what to wear for a Hawaii family portrait beach session.

mother daughter photoshoot with little girls playing in maui hawaii water at the beach

Best Photoshoot Outfits for Daughters

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of families and kids, so we’ve seen what works best in front of the camera and what kids like to wear.

Comfort and movement are essential when choosing looks for your daughter. Even better is finding something that she’ll be able to wear again—get the best bang for your buck!

Last year, we had the sweetest photoshoot for our vow renewal and a special remembrance ceremony for our little one. Our daughter was loving floating like a fairy in her dress from Bitty Bambu, our favorite local designer of girls’ dresses. We adore their designs which are equal parts fun, practical and free-spirited.

daughters in mother daughter photoshoot in maui hawaii jumping through the waves at the beach

Check out these adorable styles we’re absolutely in love with from Joyfolie.

  1. Bitty Bambu Boho Dress
  2. Bitty Bambu Hibiscus Dress
  3. Bitty Bambu Seashell Dress
  4. Bitty Bambu Starfish Dress
  5. Joyfolie Chloe Dress
mother and daughter hugging on the beach in maui hawaii at sunset during a photoshoot

Best Photoshoot Outfits for Moms

It’s no secret moms do it all; you deserve to feel your absolute best! Isn’t it just the best feeling when you stumble upon that perfect outfit that not only lifts your spirits but also makes you feel like you can conquer the world?

To give you some inspo, we’ve rounded up our clients’ top 5 favorite places to grab their photoshoot outfits.

  1. Fillyboo
  2. PinkBlush
  3. Mahina
  4. Joyfolie
  5. Rent a cost-effective look from us!
three daughters hugging on the beach in maui hawaii during a mother daughter photoshoot

On Your Mother-Daughter Photoshoot Day

You’ve picked out your outfits; now it’s the big day! As a mom, you know it will take some energy to rile up your little one and get organized. You truly are a superhero in so many ways, so take a deep breath and let’s celebrate what you do.

We’ve put together this checklist with loads of love to ensure your mother-daughter photoshoot day is perfect. Here are a few things we suggest you do for your big day:

  1. Stay Hydrated
    Hydration is key, especially in Hawaii and warmer climates. Pack reusable water bottles and keep coconut water on hand for the day to boost your electrolytes. If you’re like me, though, you know water only goes so far… grab a coffee, too.
  1. Bring Snacks
    Be prepared to ward off the hangry vibes. We recommend packing easily digestible things like crackers, veggies, and fruit. We’re huge fans of a bribe snack, too. They’re effective, trust me. Be sure to pack a towel to plop down on. If your kiddo gets hungry mid-shoot, let them have a snack on the towel and watch while you get some pics by yourself!
  2. Wear Sunscreen and Find Shade
    This is another one for hotter climates, but it applies to anything outdoors! Reef-friendly sunscreen and shade time are important before your shoot. You want to be sun-kissed, not sun-drenched!
  3. Have Fun!
    Of course, this can’t be forced, but it’s a must! We’ll work together and try to make things run smoothly. But it’s always best to enjoy the process and make sweet memories with your daughter. This might mean “I’m over it” tears, cuddles, or a mixture of the two. Be there for it all… you won’t regret living in the moment, and all that comes with it.
three daughters during mother daughter photoshoot jumping in the waves at the beach in maui hawaii

Why Book Your Mother-Daughter Photoshoot in Hawaii?

Alright, you’ve got your outfit ideas and day-of tips for a mother-daughter photoshoot. Now, you need to pick a location.

We may be (ever so slightly) biased, but Maui is a fantastic spot and creates an incredible backdrop for portraits. Just check out our portfolio for proof!

So, we totally get it – Hawaii’s pretty irresistible, right? Who wouldn’t want to soak up those sun-drenched beaches and tropical vibes? If you need a little nudge in the right direction, let us share why picking Hawaii for your photoshoot is like hitting the jackpot. Trust us, you’re going to love it!

  1. The Incredible Scenery
    The beaches. The greenery. The sunsets. The sunrises. The warmth. No matter how you slice it, it’s a little piece of paradise we’re so grateful to call home.
  2. A Built-In Vacation
    We don’t know you yet, but we have a feeling you need and deserve a vacation. Why not book your PTO and make memories with the family?
  3. The Amazing Memories
    Whether you’re a family that lounges, hikes, loves waterfalls, lives in the ocean, or does anything else, Hawaii has it all! Remember to travel with the environment in mind, don’t trespass on private property, and leave the beach better than you found it.
  4. The Extra Bonding Time
    As a parent, you’re already so aware of how time flies. Savoring (allllmost) every single moment with your kids is what life’s all about. And what better way to do it than bonding in a new place and experiencing new things together?

Are you feeling the Hawaii vibes yet for your photoshoot? We’re really hoping we’ve won you over with the idea! If we have, we’re super excited to dive into the details and make your mother-daughter photoshoot absolutely magical! Let’s chat and make this a memorable experience for you both!

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