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Joelle Perry is a talented wedding gown designer on Oahu who agreed to let us use two of her pieces for an underwater shoot we have been dreaming up since moving to the island of Maui. One of the dresses was the very gown in which she walked down the aisle herself!


Me grabbing some behind-the-scenes shots of Adam doing his thing!
The window for our shoot was limited, with Maika working away and ocean and weather conditions that change dramatically from day to day. To do the shoot we would need bright blue skies above us, and the weeks leading up to our session were dismal and gray. We needed luck on our side to pull off the shoot!
The night’s sleep we got before this shoot was non-existent, and it was no different for Lei and Maika who took an early morning flight from Oahu to Maui in order to get to the boat on time for us to start our adventure. We picked them up from the airport at 6, grabbed some coffee and food and made our way to the harbor. The morning, in stark contrast to the days leading up to it, was windless, blue and beautiful.
As we made our way to our destination, whales were breaching consistently around us, urging us to enjoy the beautiful ocean that was as clear as a swimming pool.
Adam and I spent a few hours shooting underwater with our models and have everyone involved to thank for the success of this shoot that came to life in every possible way, and kept the inspiration within us as Love and Water Photography burning strong.

Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-1.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-2.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-4.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-3.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-5.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-6.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-7.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-9.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-8.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-10.png Underwater-Trash-Dress-Joelle-Perry-Maui-11.png

Photography: Love and Water Photography
Wedding Gowns: Joelle Perry
Our Underwater Housings: AquaTech



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