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Sunset Maui family portrait session – and a few thoughts on Social Distancing

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Today I’m sharing two things we’ve noticed since the emergence of our global crisis and the emphasis of social distancing.

Social Neighboring

Our audience on social media is more active than ever. We respond to dozens of messages per day as opposed to a trickle of a few (much appreciated) DMs. In a climate where the public are ordered and encouraged to stay home, we have the opportunity to build our social village, reaching out to strangers and friends alike through @Instagram. We encourage you to reach out to us so we can talk about what’s going on. It’s strangely comforting to hear others are in the same situation, we are not alone, and neither are you. You’re working from home with two young kids and about to go nuts? Um yes… ABOUT to… 😉 We feel ya.

An outpouring of support for small business

An immense shout out to our previous clients and new clients alike who continue to book our services. Yesterday we announced we’ll be offering the option for you to book a session now for the standard retainer payment of $250, but can schedule the shoot any time within the next two years. The benefits are many, for you AND us: You get a flexible session with a complimentary $50 print credit and lock in our pricing for two years (our pricing is reviewed yearly.) PLUS, the retainer payment we receive now will help our business survive in a turbulent time where we’re uncertain when tourists will once again be able to visit the island.

Our business is 100% driven by tourism, as many (most?) are on the islands. THANK YOU to those of you who have supported our business in this way – YOU and our rescheduling clients are the reason we WILL be here in the years to come.

Let’s join together and make small business stronger! With that said, please enjoy below one of our most recently delivered family portrait sessions on Maui – we look forward to photographing many more once there is more quiet in the world.



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