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The father-daughter dance


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The father-daughter or mother-son dance, what an emotional moment.

It’s just such a beautiful few minutes in time, the tropical breeze cuts the humidity of late afternoon and brings a welcome and gentle push of cool air through your hair. The ocean laps or crashes against the rocky shoreline, the hum of music trickles into the distance with the West Maui Mountains towering behind… we can’t wait to start shooting weddings on Maui again, we really can’t.

I hope Adam can one day place his hand on the small of his daughter’s back as they dance cheek-to-cheek on her own wedding day as I look on with tears in my eyes, all the problems I’d felt so heavy in the past melting away as I see pure joy and adoration in her eyes, excited for the years ahead.

For now – I’m wondering what to make for dinner. Baby steps.



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