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Choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit

When it comes to choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit, there are a few things to consider.

Choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit for your engagement shoot in Wailea!

Choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit – what to think about!

  1. Wind. On Maui, afternoon tradewinds can be a big factor. They’re cooling and fresh, but can also wreak a bit of havoc on your wardrobe selection. You’ll want to decide whether you mind that fluttery, windblown look. If not, we suggest staying away from necklines that catch the breeze easily. Even for sunrise, this is a good idea, as there can sometimes be a little breeze at the beginning of the day too!
Tightly cropped image of woman with wavy hair wearing a red dress, wrapping her arms around her husband and smiling
  1. Selecting the best color. The color of your outfit plays a big part when choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit. Our clients often understandably assume that pastel tones work best with our airy, colorful edits. The truth is, bold and jewel tones look equally as excellent – just check out Courtney’s dress for her and Nick’s sunrise portrait session!
Woman on her fiance's back as they both laugh and smile at the camera during Maui beach photoshoot

Outfit color can reflect on your skin

Another consideration to make when choosing the best color outfit for a beach session on Maui is how the color might reflect on your skin. With fair complexions, for instance, a very bright green or coral will cast an eerie glow on your neck and face, so we recommend sticking with more subdued tones.

Couple laying on the sand as wave washes up on them before they kiss during a Maui proposal photography session in Wailea.
  1. Comfort is key. If you’re having portraits taken in Hawaii, you want to look as comfortable as you feel! If your outfit sits wrong and you feel any discomfort when trying it on, that’s an instant indicator to toss it aside and try for another fit or style. You want to feel 100% confident in what you’re wearing to ensure that confidence radiates during your shoot!
Man dipping his wife in the ocean and kissing her. Woman wears a bright red dress at sunrise.
  1. Go braless. If you don’t plan on wearing a bra under your gown or other portrait attire, make sure you don’t just whip it off before your shoot! Go without a bra for at least an hour prior to your session to ensure any strap marks don’t show in your photos.
Choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit sometimes means a simple black one piece swimsuit, like the woman wears in this water portrait!

Changing into another outfit during your beach session

If you decide to change outfits during your photo shoot in Wailea, we recommend swimwear. This way, you can have a bit of fun on the shoreline! Swimwear also makes it easy to change. Some of our clients choose to wear their bikinis under their gown or other outfit. Doing this makes for a seamless transition! We only recommend this route, however, if your bikini bottoms are a solid color, not printed. Also, they shouldn’t have any distracting tassels or straps.

Laughing couple embracing during their proposal portraits in the ocean on Maui.

Public restrooms in Hawaii can make wardrobe changes more difficult

Because public beaches in Hawaii don’t typically have great restrooms. Be prepared to change behind a towel, duck into a public restroom (if available) or do a quick change in the car. For this reason, if you have a change of outfit we recommend an hour-long portrait session. This way, you don’t feel rushed. You’ll also get more images of each outfit, bonus!

Couple making out in the sand during their beach engagement shoot with palmtrees in the background.

Looking for something to wear? We offer Kasia Kulenty rental gowns to our clients as part of our client closet, making finding something fitting and flattering super easy! Be sure to add one to your quote at the time of booking, or discuss with us to find the best style for your shoot.

Need beach portrait wardrobe inspiration?

If you need help choosing an outfit for your beach portraits on Maui, we recommend checking out our blog!

Another thing to consider when having your Hawaii proposal portraits or maternity portraits taken in Hawaii? You will get wet, you will get sandy, so plan accordingly! Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t willingly drag through the sand, and make sure your partner or anyone else being photographed is aware they should do the same.

Choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit doesn't have to be difficult! Black and white portrait of couple kissing in the water with splash bokeh.

When it’s time to dry off…

We offer sand-resistant beach towels at our Land + Sea Store, which are a great option if you’re looking for a super-absorbant towel that will brush sand off in a jiffy. As a bonus, each towel features our Maui ocean art and is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles!

Wardrobe advice: Ditch the shoes!

What to do about footwear? Well, you don’t really need to worry. Wear your slippas down to the beach and ditch them in the sand. You won’t be needing to wear them on the shoreline!

Special considerations for a Maui proposal photography session

Planning to pop the question to your love on the beach in Wailea? We will certainly be there to photograph it! We highly suggest telling your partner about the photoshoot in advance. That will allow them time to plan an outfit they love. If they’re caught by complete surprise, they might not be wearing something they feel confident in for their photoshoot. You can propose midway through the session when everyone is feeling nice and comfortable, making choosing a Hawaii beach portrait outfit that much less stressful for both of you!

Husband laughing during proposal portrait session in Wailea with Love + Water Photography

Looking for a proposal photographer on Maui? We’ve got you! We can’t wait to connect to photograph your Wailea engagement session or maternity portraits. And, as always, we’re an open book with outfit advice! Hope to see you soon!

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