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Maui Love Stories | Beach Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

As Maui photographers, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of people in love and it’s given us plenty of wonderful beach photoshoot ideas for couples!

beautiful couples water photography at the beach in wailea hawaii

Is there anywhere more romantic than a tropical beach? Especially here in Maui, Hawaii, where the water is clear, the air is warm, and the sky lights up in the most gorgeous tones at sunrise and sunset.

There’s also something about being on a vacation together, away from daily routines and everyday stressors, that allows us to truly appreciate quality time together and melt into the romance.

Add in delicious food and drinks, fun experiences, perhaps a relaxing day at the spa—and it’s no wonder why Hawaii is considered one of the most romantic places to visit. PS: If you’re looking for ideas for eco-friendly things to do in Hawaii, find them here!

If you want to take the romance up a notch, a couples beach photoshoot is the way to go! Not only is a couples photoshoot at the beach a fun way to connect with your partner, but you’ll walk away with beautiful couples beach portraits to cherish for a lifetime. Just looking at photos from a special time in our lives can help bring us back to that moment and reconnect with those same feelings.

Whether you’re honeymooning on Maui, babymooning on Maui, celebrating an anniversary, planning a surprise proposal, eloping or getting married, or vacationing just because, here are some of our favorite beach photoshoot ideas for couples. 

Romantic Beach Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Here are some couple beach picture ideas to help you make the most of your photoshoot!

Capture your surprise beach proposal

If you’re thinking about proposing on the beach, having a professional photographer capture the moment for you is something you won’t regret! 

We recommend telling your partner about the photoshoot so that they are picture-ready, while, of course, still keeping the proposal aspect a surprise. Let your photographer know and they can help you set up the perfect shot. Then, you can pop the question part way through your beach photoshoot.

Surprise beach proposal in Wailea with couple proposing at sunrise

What a perfect way to memorialize this special moment! Capturing the look of surprise and happiness on your partner’s face is just amazing. Check out our ultimate guide to beach proposals in Maui for more tips and ideas. 

Beach poses for couples

One of the questions we hear most often from people planning a couples beach photoshoot is how to pose. 

As professional photographers on Maui, when you book a session with us, posing is something you don’t have to worry about! We guide you through the entire session to make sure that you feel comfortable and that we’re capturing you in a way that feels genuine.

Woman in blue gown sits on husbands lap in the sand and laughs as he kisses her cheek

But, for those who are curious, here are some of our go-to beach poses for couples:

  • The lift: One person lifts up the other, maybe adding in a kiss or spin. This one works especially well in the water.
  • Piggy backing: The piggy back is always a fun, playful one! Don’t be afraid to get a bit silly. The joy will show in the photo.
  • Walking hand-in-hand: Walk or run hand-in-hand along the beach, both away from and towards the camera.
  • Hugging: Hold each other straight on, or have one person hug the other from behind.
  • Kissing: Throw a kiss in there or—one of our favorites—the “near kiss.”
  • Different perspectives: Have some photos taken close up, and some further away to show the beautiful scenery.
  • Sharing a moment: Whisper something sweet into your partner’s ear and let the emotion show on both your faces.
  • Laughing: Say or do something you know will make you both laugh to capture the joy.
  • Dancing: Dance on the beach together, and remember to add some twirls and dips.
  • Sitting and straddling: Have one of you sit on the sand and the other straddling for an intimate moment—this works especially well right where the water hits the shoreline.

Couples beach photoshoots in the water

One of our favorite beach photoshoot ideas for couples is definitely to play in the water! 

couple doing a dip and kissing in the ocean

Either bring a bathing suit or wear something you don’t mind getting wet in and have some fun in the ocean together. Couples water portraits are so fun and unique and we can’t get enough of them!

Beach photoshoots for couples at sunrise and sunset

Wondering what time of day is best for your beach photoshoot?

We recommend booking your couples portraits at the beach at sunrise or sunset to not only avoid the crowds and heat of the day, but to take advantage of the dreamy skies!

Each sunrise and sunset on Maui is totally unique and breathtaking.

Beach sunset photoshoot with couple silhouetted by the setting sun

Whether you choose to book your beach photo session at sunrise or sunset depends on a few things:

  • Are you a morning person? If yes, sunrise might be the way to go! You can get your photo session done early and then go grab a bite to eat and enjoy the rest of your day. Sunrise is also less likely to be windy and crowded.
  • Do you prefer to sleep in? We don’t blame you—you’re on vacation, after all! If yes, a sunset beach session might be the way to go. You can enjoy your day and then head back to get ready before kicking off a fun date night with your photoshoot. 
  • Do you have a color preference? While we can never predict what the sky is going to look like, the colors can differ a bit between sunrise and sunset. Sunrise tends to have a more dreamy, pastel vibe while sunset can be a bit more golden.
  • How do you feel about crowds? Crowds do still tend to gather at the beach at sunset. While your photographer should know how to avoid getting other people in your shot, if you’re a bit camera shy or would rather avoid crowds altogether, sunrise is a better option.

Beach drone photography

If you want to see things from a different perspective, consider drone photography for your couples photoshoot on the beach!

Drone couples photoshoot on Maui

Drone photography is a fun way to showcase your beautiful surroundings and get some really unique beach portraits. You’ll definitely want to print these out to decorate your home!

Make your couples photoshoot on the beach part of a romantic day

We love this beach photoshoot idea for couples! If you want to surprise your partner with something romantic, plan a whole fun date day or night and make your photo session one part of the itinerary. They’ll love it!

Just make sure they are dressed for photos or that you bring some outfit options along with you. 

What to Know Before You Book Your Couples Photoshoot

Before booking a beach photoshoot, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re surprising your partner, make sure they’re still aware they should be photo-ready. You could tell them you want to get some nice pictures that day, or that you’re going somewhere nice to eat dinner. 
  • Getting wet is part of the fun! While it’s not necessary, we always recommend bringing something you’re not afraid to get in the water so you can play in the waves together.
  • One of the downfalls of beach vacations: Sunburns. Avoiding sunburns is always smart, but it’s especially important before a photoshoot! Make sure to use reef-safe sunscreen if you’re staying somewhere near the ocean.
  • A couples photoshoot is all about being yourselves! While having your picture taken can be nerve-wracking, try not to overthink it. Come ready to have fun and connect with your partner.

You can also check this out if you’re interested in learning more about what to expect from a Hawaii photoshoot with Love + Water Photography.

The Best Beach Photoshoot Outfits for Couples

We also get a lot of questions about choosing beach portrait outfits

When it comes to what to wear for a beach photoshoot, there are plenty of options, but we also have a few go-to recommendations to make the most of your shoot.

Things to consider when deciding what to wear for a beach photoshoot

It’s important to be comfortable

When you’re having pictures taken at the beach, you’re dealing with a lot of different elements like heat, wind, water, and sand. It’s important to wear something appropriate for the weather. For those having a beach photoshoot on Maui, we recommend sticking to light, airy, breathable clothing.

You might get wet

If you want to play in the water during your photoshoot, bring either a bathing suit or something that you don’t mind getting wet. Many couples go in the water in their clothes, so bring a dry change of clothes just in case!

Ditch the shoes

Instead, just feel the sand between your toes! One less beach outfit decision to make.

Don’t over-accessorize

We recommend keeping it simple when it comes to your beach photoshoot outfits. We typically don’t recommend wearing hats as it can shade or cover your face. When it comes to jewelry, a nice pair of earrings and a simple necklace can be lovely. We just don’t want to distract from your beautiful face! A flower crown or flower in the hair can be a beautiful touch.

Hair and makeup for beach photos

Of course, you might want to wear some makeup and do your hair for your session! However, keep in mind that it might be windy and you might want to get in the water. We recommend going with a more “natural” look that still makes you feel confident.

What to wear for a beach photoshoot

Now you know some things to keep in mind, but how do you actually choose your beach photoshoot outfits?

Here are some suggestions! 

What type of clothing to wear for beach photoshoots

Like we mentioned before, it’s important to be comfortable and dress for the elements. That doesn’t necessarily mean to go totally “beachy casual,” but stick to fabrics that are light, airy, and flowy. We often recommend wearing long, flowy dresses or skirts, button-up shirts, and slacks or dress shorts.  

Outfit colors for beach pictures

The colors you choose to wear during your beach photoshoot depends on a few things. First, consider what colors look good on your skin tone and make you feel confident. Also, keep in mind what colors look good in a beachy setting. Think neutrals, pastels, and jewel tones. 

Woman with arms wrapped lovingly around her partner's neck

Wearing patterns in my beach photoshoot outfit

While most couples tend to stick to solid outfits, that doesn’t mean that patterns are off the table! We just recommend sticking with the “beachy” vibes and try not to choose something too distracting or clash with your partner.

Coordinating couples beach outfits

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your beach photoshoot outfits is that you and your partner complement each other. Some tips for this include sticking to neutral colors (or having one of you wearing something colorful and the other dress neutral), using a color palette to choose your outfits, and not mixing too many different patterns. 

Wear what makes you feel good!

In the end, don’t overthink it! Wear something that makes you feel good and that you think you will love seeing in photographs for years to come. 

newly engaged couple celebrates as fiance piggybacks on the back of her husband-to-be at sunset

Book Your Dreamy Couple’s Beach Photoshoot 

If you’re interested in bringing these beach photoshoot ideas for couples to life with a couples shoot on Maui, we’d love to help!

Check out our Instagram and our portfolio and, if you like what you see, please contact us so we can start planning your romantic photoshoot on the beach.

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